9:07am on Friday the 6th of December
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Fresh from the the telegraph


By JackReacher
25 years from now, as young Ryan gets ever so closer to making 3rd shift assistant manager at the local choke & puke, he will remember that THIS was his defining moment in history.
By Berrka
On the bright side, judging by his finger gun technique there is no way in hell he would hit anything.

(Also insert mandatory Clockwork Orange joke here.)
By JackReacher
"The youth of today are not being like they used to be. I am doing the liking of this new breed. Come to Mama..."

But that's the point mama zarq, it is your breeding we're trying to stop.

thank you, mama ... may the testicles of a diseased yak be drug through your pomegranate soup.
By Right...
His shooting is likely like his sexual activity... by hand.

By death valley
Damn, JR, yer causin' me to salivate for some mountain oysters direct from young bull to a bed of glowing coals of a desert campfire...

It is refreshing to see a white face, even though he suffers compulsive negritude, flyin' the colors... bottom feeding idiot predators come in all colors.
By JackReacher
Yeah DV, and note the "home boy" grip of the "gun"...

Mountain oysters ... hmmm hmmmm.... I do like mine fried however.
By SimianWarhead
Good to know how much human garbage like Ryan appreciate subsidsed housing. I'd be angry too, if I was a worthless piece of shit and had more square footage than most hard working lower middle class Britons had. Just goes to show you that the more you give to someone for nothing the less they appreciate it. Evict that turd and he can spend all day on the streets pretending to shoot all the suces...
By SimianWarhead
...sucessful people that have to give half their pay to support worthless shits like this.
By BoscoH
Live blogging (like Pros vs. Joes, except no Pro and 1 Bosco)... "Like Sesame Street without the sexual tension. Rachel, Bill, and Catie. Tom Ballsack dropped out. MO(t)S. Good thing, Tom a pedophile. Twins. Who?? Bill just alienated me. Catie and Rachel talking about yeast infections. Tony Blair wants son of star wars. Keeps their pizza hot. Stoners. Munchies. Pizza. Got the point Rachel.
By BoscoH
Forget Catie's opinion. More of her rack, er teeth. MLK excepted, protesters are dirtbags. Am Greg right? Truth to power. No man island in Iran. Just like Manhatten. (Note: you can't spell Manhatten q/o M A N). Footage of fat girls gone wild. Ick. Blogger jailed. Bill is now a freelance writer, no longer red eye producer. Vilsack is a problem for a urologist. Turn and cough. Psychics for UBL.
By BoscoH
US Tourist, 72 in Costco Rica, kills mugger w/bare hands. Rachel gets her hair braided. CAT FIGHT!! (over cruises). Only Fox show w/o a coffee mug. Richard Grecko joins them. No, it;s Kitesh to talk Oscars. Kitesh is a bobble head doll. Dreamgirls? Snubbed by nominators. Eddie Murphy and Lewanda (Bill's tranny friend). Surprise: The Queen. Al Gore, in drag. Bill jokes that Al is stiff.
By BoscoH
Rachel wonders if voters actually watch. (note: Chauncey Gardener would be the ideal Oscar judge.) Greg's art: Brad Pitt, dolphin, rainbow, sun. [Greg just teased something about Suzie the 54 y/o virgin. I believe her cuz I cannot stand her voice. No man could.] Break. Porn. Greg, you keep looking over at Catie. I can understand. And Catie says "I have a feeling you're looking down."
By ClydeS
Well, Catie does have a nice decolletage. She wants to show them off, we'll look... but she needs to work on not getting caught by the camera with her mouth hanging open.
By BoscoH
Greg says modern porn is far from reality. From America Jr... Boys watch more porn than girls. People who just diet lose more weight. Working out is an endless trendmill. So true Greg. Bill is Combs to Rachel's Hannity. (Bill also glanced to his right, chest high. I hope Lewanda doesn't read the live blog.) Halftime report... Don't be such a vilsack. Red eye advocdates making suits of lib flesh.
By BoscoH
Somewhere Bernie Goetz is pissed off. If you work out, you eat more. Fewer calories. More transfats in the girl scouts. Bye Levy. Bar scene. Can't smoke. Tracey with a beard... no dancing in bars. No hitting on women and no cursing in Tracey's bar. Rachel demonstrating dancing like a caucasian. Dr. Gutfeld. Kansas, no guns in bars. In NY and CA, worry about smoking, in KS worry about guns!
By BoscoH
Break. Jared Shapiro guest. Naked smoking Harry Potter guy. "Pound Black Beauty". Van Halen tragedy. Reformed, broken up. Blaming Eddie. Whoah, no more Michael Anthony?!? Rachel's dating rule: don't recycle old trash. Break. Courtney Love says Britney did a great thing. Suze Orman from CNBC. Greg wants more coming in. NYT first soft porn story about Suze.
By BoscoH
Joan Rivers, speaking of virgins... Jared did her. The smoother your skin, the dumber you are. Bill called Greg a retard. Break. Viewer mail next?!? WHERE THE HELL DID GREG'S MOM GO?? Screw it. I quit. No Greg's Mom, no live blogger. Bye.
By stinky
Just watched Friday's Redeye. What's up with the gay guy raggin' on Rachel?

"Well, Catie does have a nice decolletage."

Is that whast they are calling them these days?
By Kev from Blighty
he is playing with his penis left handed. this shows good creativity and cognitive ability. maybe we have got this kid wrong? or maybe he should be boiled in his gimp suit.
By Schmofo
Mr Ryan is merely keeping his left hand on his smaller-calibre "throw-down" weapon, in case the primary weapon in his right hand jams. Or has a hangnail malfunction.

And what's with his lips? Everyone knows that girls can't make a convincing gunshot sound, but thats what their lips look like when they try.

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