9:05am on Friday the 6th of December
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Fresh from the HuffPo


By JackReacher
OK, I read the article. After I woke up, I asked myself "who the fuck is Deepork Chop?
By tintin
I propose a Texas cage match between Deepak Chopra vs. Cenk Ugyar... for the International Bullshit Artist With A Silly Name Belt!
By salvator m
i thought l ron hubbard and his eye patch created all that crap.
By matt m.
Deepak Chopra needs to show a little more respect to reason for the season, Our Lord Jesus Christ. If he believes in evolution he can go live with the macacas he came from. He thinks science is sooo smart, and Jesus is a fuckin faggot. He needs to get down and pray for spiritual guidance right now before he ends up like the rest of his people, in Hell. Praise Jesus.
By Berrka
So wait, does this make D-Pak a, as the kids say, "fundie"? If so how long until he is chased from the HuffPo by Sam Harris's legions of disaffected art history major minions? And can I watch?
By BoscoH
Someone hiajcked Dipack's HuffPost account. That actually made quite a bit of sense. I kept waiting for him to suggest that people light their farts on fire. Only then would I have believed that the real Dipack wrote that. Where is out ombuddy Levy to weigh in?
By JeffWoehrle
What the hell is a sixpack porkchop? Admittedly, I've never let my ignorance of a subject prohibit my commenting on same.

Sixpack sucks!


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