9:07am on Friday the 6th of December
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Fresh from the Rolling Stone


By lizard boy
Looks like a crossdresser with meth mouth.
By BoscoH
I know what happened... DLR broke out with a "Show me your bright lights and your city lights, all right." EVH says, "Dude, that is NOT a VH song." DLR says, "Wait, it sounds just like the next VH song should have." EVH says, "Screw it. Bring back Cherone, my liver can't handle Sammy."

By conservachick
Do you think DLR can still manage to do those mid air kick splits or do you think the "Depends Diapers" would get in the way?

By Frank J.
Is that Bill Schulz?
By Nilbog
By JackReacher
"Is that Bill Schulz?"

Yes, standing behind meth-mouth. Doesn't he look lovely?
By JackReacher
Anybody see DLR's bit parts in The Sopranos? He looked 70 years old then.
By JeffWoehrle
The strippers names were actually Eunice and Chloe.
By salvator m
the problem is that the lead guitarist isn't eddie van halen in this latest iteration of VH, but professor irwin corey, who has been standing in for eddie since his mouth rotted out.

By lizard boy
Steve Martin and Camila Parker-Bowles-Windsor
By Mark V.
Eddie totally looks like Smeagol now.
By Schmofo
Live fast, fail to die young, still look like a corpse. Mas Tequila!
By ElleKabong
I just used this picture, along with a pic of Eddie in his younger prime years, to teach my kids an important lesson on drug use -- and oral hygiene.
By OtisWild
Sweet Zombie Jesus!

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