9:12am on Friday the 6th of December
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Fresh from the You Tube


By Shazza
god, your video aint working and your link is lifeless as a baghdad bazaar
By Billy Idol
Worked be girl - fucking funnny too!
By JackReacher
Priceless. I did piss myself and several gathered around to listen.
By cannonfoder
god that's great!!! sure beats my "can you hold a minute?"...then just put the phone down and see how they like being made to wait. best time is two minuets before they hang up....and they don't call back
By Schmofo
I just ask them what they are wearing and make little grunting sounds. Or if they ask for my wife I say "She can't talk with my cock in her mouth, can you wait a couple of minutes?"
By stinky
Some comedian said when they call to try to get him to switch his phone service he says, "Why bother? I'm going to commit suicide as soon as I hang up the phone... unless you can convince me not to."

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