9:11am on Friday the 6th of December
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By JeffWoehrle
I love the sound made when slapping their tails.
By fmragtops
Now that's a totally shameless way of getting google hits.
By Cough Syrup
I love it when they are all slick and wet! Mmmm, mmmm that's good eatin!
By lizard boy
What? You couldn't find any commando beavers.
By lizard boy
Damn. I gotta start reading this thing back to front.
By hackoff
hawtest. post. EVAH!
By JackReacher
A much better rendition of a healthy beaver than the previous version.
By Dr. Phat Tony
Nice pelts.
By politicz
Those juicy American beavers are emboldening the terrorists!
By Cough Syrup
Hey everyone! The Brittney vagian got pulled! Quite literally, the post was taken off the site. What happened?
By salvator m
i haven't seen that many hairy beavers since the hillary clinton for president campaign kicked off.
By Dr. Phat Tony
Cough Syrup,

the correct terminology is "it's been stuffed"
By death valley
Yes, the 'beaver' post was pulled.

I am very curious as to why?

Is China taking over web content on the Gut?

-dim sum

By Cough Syrup

Thank you for that correction, it was an "undersight" on my part. My guess is Jim's in trouble with the FCC for posting a nudie. Jim, any thoughts on your predicament?
By Jim Treacher
The Arquette Sisters put that one up, not me. I like beavers, not vaginas!
By Cough Syrup
My mistake Jim, sometimes I tend to get a little ahead of myself. I too enjoy a well groomed beaver as much as the next fellow.
By Gordon
I'll always read Daily Gut for the articles.
By Nilbog
Lots of wet beavers, that's good. But no split wet beavers - that's bad.
By natesnake
Wynona loved her big brown beaver and she stroked it all the time, she pricked her finger one day and it occurred to her she might have a porcupine.

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