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By LittleMissNasty
Levy is by far the best part of RedEye, but as we all have witnessed here at The Daily Gut, Levy gets old really quick. Can he sustain that level of humor surrounded by such mediocrity? We shall see.

What is with that sicko Rachel Marsden? For some real fun, check out her Wikipedia entry. She/it accused someone of sexual harassment, but instead was found guilty of it herself. Now that's funny.
By RoommateCode
The sly rebuke of bomb-throwing idiots never gets old--except to those who are the rebuke receivers.

Oops... Have I hit a nerve?
By Jim Treacher
"Oops... Have I hit a nerve?"

I honestly have no idea!
By natesnake
"Oops... Have I hit a nerve?"

Nope, that's my weiner. Stop touching it. Freak.
By JackReacher
Well, I'm sure Levy appreciates that lofty criticism but saying that he gets old really quick is getting old really quick.

Be careful, Nasty, Rachel-hating causes warts.
By BoscoH
Yeah, all that Nasty, except Rachel is smoking hot. That trumps all real and imagined past transgressions.
By chicostein
There just jealous Levy isn't working for one of the communist networks....sorry
By RoommateCode
C'mon, thousands of American dudes are sacrificing to multiple gods in the hopes that Rachel Marsden would show the slightest bit of sexual interest in them but we're supposed to blindly trust you 'cause you saw it on Wikipedia?

I thought He-Man was a total dickwad until finding his Wikipedia entry was written by Skeletor. Do some research!
By LittleMissNasty
Are you guys gay? Rachel looks like a man. You want to suck its dick? Babes do not get convicted of sexual harassment, they get fucked instead.

Why are conservatives like RoommateCode so stupid. If you want to see Rachel's sexual harassment conviction on Wikipedia, just go there yourself.
By LittleMissNasty
Here is the part of the RedEye review from "No Borders No Limits" that Treacher left out:

"... it shouldn't be difficult for competent writers to develop a Daily Show-esque show for conservatives. Fox News has tried. And it, according to people who form its intended audience, has failed."

Conservative like to be misleading.

By JackReacher
Hey Nasty... tell ya what. You send your picture to Treacher and he'll post it along with one of Rachel. Then the judging can begin.

Sorry, but my money, (all of it), is on Rachel.

By scribbler
Is it just me, or does LittleMissNasty have the distinct ring of a certain 'antichrist' about her/him/it?

Dissing the contributors on Comicarzy, then back here bigging up the fag libs.... hmmm.

Methinks a certain dickwad has found a hole in your security net.
By LittleMissNasty
Treacher, that News Hounds article is the exact opposite of what you claim. They hated RedEye, perhaps more than most critics of the show. Here is the actual quote that you shamelessly lied about, "Gutfeld IS out of his mind." That quote does not make it clear just how much they thought the show sucked, so perhaps everyone should read it themselves. Lying it the chief tool of conservatives.
By DrSues
Tsk, tsk, LMNasty, you've done it again. Now repeat after me, "I must proofread my drivel, I must proofread my drivel, I must proofread my drivel". Carelessness is a chief characteristic of idiots.
By SimianWarhead
Don't feel bad LMNasty- I have a turd with Down syndrome and he thought the News Hounds quote was real, too. I guess you both got zinged.
By JackReacher
I love to watch liberals implode. Usually, it begins with poorly written posts, followed by meaningless, shallow and pointless blathering.
By LittleMissNasty
DrSues demonstrates Conservative Rule #11, right out of the RNC handbook: "If you cannot argue the point, point out the spelling mistakes." Bush did that in his debates very effectively. Bush may swim in his own shit, but he sure can spell. Sue could you proof this one for mistakes, thanks.
By Berrka
This used to be such a nice place. Shame it had to succumb to traditional internet insanity.

P.S. LMN, its a bit disingenious to call pointing out spelling mistakes a Conservative rule in light of the number of "Bushisms" calendars that get sold.
By DrSues
Happy to, LMN. "If you cannot argue the point, point out the spelling mistakes" is Conservative Rule #27, not #11. You may not be able to spell, but you sure know how to wallow in your own shit. Glad to be of help. Ta.
By ElleKabong
The show is finally getting the praise it should. Love the show, love Gutfeld, love - love - love.
By SimianWarhead
Oh Berrka, it will soon return to normalcy as soon as LMNasty remembers "It's down the road, not across the street".
By lizard boy
Dammit! LMN's got the handbook! We're doomed.

By LittleMissNasty
Hey Berrka, are you serious? You feel I'm disingenious for saying Bush likes to point spelling mistakes? Bush is an idiot, like you, and he can't even speak, much less spell.

Hey DrSues, get your own jokes. You copied my jokes except you took out the humor. The rule is #11, Bush swins in shit, and I thank you for your help. Care to try again?

Hey SimianWarhead, what the fuck?
By ktshute
Freakin' FINALLY.

LEVY for prez.
By JackReacher
Hmmm, Bush is a millionaire, 2 term prez of the USA, totally set for life. On the other hand, LMNasty sits alone in mens boxer shorts, drinking a beer left over from last night, in front of a 10 year old HP computer, wishing she had razor blades to shave her pits while wondering why her ass itches. Her aluminum can collection is going to net a much needed $15 bucks. Now, who's the idiot?
By LittleMissNasty
Can you image that, me, LittleMissNasty, being compared to the President of the United States of America. Dreams can come true. I'm blushing. It's comments like these that make posting at The Daily Gut worth while.
By DrSues
Jokes? Humor? Bwaaahhahaha. Now that is funny!
By LittleMissNasty
Now DrSues, be kind. Treacher is doing the best he can. It isn't his fault that the rest of the crew left him behind to work on their show at Fox. Treacher is doing most of the posting, and besides the fact that he isn't all that funny, as you so bluntly point out, he is better than God. Remember Conservative Rule #15: "Ignore the faults of other conservatives."
By Levy
all i know is that a week ago i was 22 - fuck, i really DO get old fast...
By JackReacher
Levy, it's tough, I know. Life comes at ya' fast... but don't get any ideas about shaving your head and having a vagina tattooed on your arm. OK?
By bamapachyderm Beth
Like I said, Nasty, "humorless leftard, you asshole."

Whadda maroon!
By EricMh
I\'m one of the \'lefty\' boogiemen folks, seriously.

I like Red Eye because for the most part, it\'s truely funny. There\'s brilliant stuff happening there. It would be even better if Levy took the electrodes out of his butt. Why so spastic Andy?

I\'m capable of enjoying the show because I\'m able to block out Greg\'s mandatory Fox talking points such as \"Global Warming i...

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