9:11am on Friday the 6th of December
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Fresh from the You Tube


By Anonymous
My mind is scarred... till the end of my life....

God... that promise you made about not killing people ever again since the great flood ? I think you should REALLY overlook it!
By JackReacher
Maybe Tim Hardaway has a point?
By Jim Treacher
Thanks for fixing the typo. God does make mistakes! (Besides me.)
By fmragtops
Stop with the joking and get with smiting, for you son's sake.
By BoscoH
My first reaction to the poster frame was that the guy in the middle looked a little like Red Eye producer Bill Schulz.
By LittleMissNasty
Hi God, haven't they fired you yet. You really are begging for it. Perhaps you could try and contribute something. I suspect you incompetence is the reason Google is ignoring Treacher.
By Lord Sholto Douglas
That was horrific. I bet that is the most downloaded ringtone in the Castro District in SF. BARF!!
By ElleKabong
Oh my!
By Gordon
Maybe I'm getting old, but I just can't tell if this was a spoof or the real thing.

Isn't there a hipper ghey word for Butt?
By Jim Treacher
By Billy Idol
"Love Ring"
By djcdjc
That guy has a little sugar-in-his-tank to say the least

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