9:12am on Friday the 6th of December
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By BoscoH
You mean Walter "The Refrigerator" Payton? He is one with the permafrost...
By Jim Treacher
Whoops, I meant WILLIAM Perry. (It's been awhile!) Thanks, I fixed it.
By mynameischris
if the fridge does the superbowl shuffle i'll shit
By Berrka
Red Hot Chili Peppers! Snoop Dogg! Bon Jovi! This is going to be the best concert of 1993!!
By Plastik
Ode To Algore..

What I say youve got to tell it to your mamma

What I say youve got to tell it to your pappa

What I say youve got to tell it to your daughter

You take a little chance and then you become an Author.

What I say I've got to get it slid right by you

What I say I've got to get it slid right by you

What I say I've got to get it slid right by you

Fearing while I'm Cheerin dont ...
By BoscoH
OMFG, did he just say, "like Anderson Cooper without the poppers"? Jet Blue. Bill says they're stupid. Brietbart has the Bill Schulz look, white hoody. Greg blames it on their weather. No food, no booze, no TV on. Mile High Club (allegedly). Two birds: airplane + stewardess. One stone, no, one bone. Rachel says you have to be careful which country you're flying over. Sex on a plane!
By BoscoH
Celebs can't say no. Breitbart said archetype and remembers Michael Hutchens. On to Amsterdam. Peep shows are artistic there. Breitbart likes the tax break angle. Rachel just disagreed with Andrew and then said the same ting. That is art. OK, I typed that last sentence and then Greg says "That is art". This show is way better than that hour show in a 1/2 hour or whatever it's called.
By BoscoH
Terrorists are more frightening than Nazis. Media not doing its job. Only 51% scared of terrorists. Bill is sloshed. Atillazza hunzzz. Rachel looks into the camera, glances at Greg occasionally. Breitbart: What's scariest, terrorists or Tim Hardaway. The sex expert is totally quiet. Pentagon wants torture out of 24. Note: w/o torture, it would be "7". Bill says terrorists lie to save body parts.
By BoscoH
Break. Laura Leu... Back to the bathroom. Women have more germs. Guys just whip it out, touch themselves. Staples corporate took a dump on Rachel's desk? Women spend time at desk. Breitbart asks why! why! why! study this?? Study islamic extremism and death. Rachel figures out its for PR. Another study. Men hard-wired (get that?) to disobey wives. Laura says it's an excuse. Rachel... WTF?!?
By BoscoH
Transgendered... Photo of Bill's mom? Breitbart was a deep thinker at age 6. No free viewings. Break. Heather Mills... 1 leg, on a dance show... Laura says she's handicapable. Bill feels bad for the one stump chump. Crips gone wild. J-Lo now a scientologist. Greg says they're not jerks. Bill's never gonna get on Gretta. Nor Breitbart. All boring. Greg's art.... Duck + Mark Anthony. Break.
By BoscoH
That's how Greg gor the rash all over his body. Laura is still quiet. Ombuddy time. Levy is a connaseur of fine arts. Less torture --> Less Chloe. Men are fat, drunk, stupid, women perfect. We report. who decides? Imply/infer. Heather Mills a foot short. Stripping Sargeant, setting a bad example for other USAF hotties. Rachel says she has a chest for pinning medals on. Sex ed for the elderly.
By LittleMissNasty
Would it be wrong to flush the toilet while Bush is swimming in his own shit?
By BoscoH
Sex ed for the dead? Breitbart is scared. Greg is right about tatts. What are they gonna look like when they're 40? Sex should stop at 60. HIV rate up for old people. Another study. Fat people get paid less. Laid less too. Bill is a producer. Break. I think Greg got some hand makeup. Josh is on. 9 is the atomic # for Florine. Tim Hardaway showers with his co-workers. Barry Bonds. Not gay.
By BoscoH
Rachel confused Barry Bonds with Todd Sauerbrun (steroid punter). Gut test raped by Barry in HS. Laura is best guest ever -- hasn't gotten into cat fight with Rachel. Break. Greg's mom. NASCAR scandal. Funny fuel. JetBlue terrible. Judge the Dope. What to do about the body. O'Reilly Who? Break. Viewer mail and Levy after the break.
By BoscoH
Amanda Conner -- cool. Curtis -- prick. Jayne - mentally ill but OK. John -- small penis. Lauren -- she's right. Conclusion. Girls smart, guys stupid. Nice tie Levy. KO's psychiatrist. No more coins. Chilling story of frat guys who drink and sing along to Margaritaville. "You got it Gretta". Happy Friday!
By LittleMissNasty
I think BoscoH has lost it. His little transcript of RedEye indicates a certain psychosis. Perhaps you should put him on your show Greg. He can replace Rachel as the stupid bitch.
By LittleMissNasty
I saw that comerical for the new comedy, The 1/2 Hour News Hour on Fox. Ouch that was painful. Stuff like "gay penguins"? Bigoted and stupid. Only on Fox. Can't wait til Sunday! I'm gonna be giggling for all the wrong reasons.
By Gordon
I like what you did with your Comments section. The Batshit Crazy goes so well with the drapes.
By JeffWoehrle
"I'm gonna be giggling for all the wrong reasons."

See? Who says liberals have no sense of humor?

Oops! Sorry! "Humour" Forgot I need to be cosmopolitan when speaking with a liberal. My bad.

By Gordon
Forgot I need to be cosmopolitan when speaking with a liberal.

Are you kidding, Jeff? LMN wets herself laughing whenever she hears "Bushitler."
By mitchg
"Steel Breeze"!?!?! I thought I was the only guy on the planet that remembered that flash in the pan?!?

Ah... the days of when MTV actually played music... right before they destroyed it.
By conservachick
Oh I'm developing in the case of Gore-itis!

Does anybody remember when Tipper was one of the chairwomen for the Parental Advisory Explicit Material stickers on CDs during the 80's and 90's? I can smell the hypocrisy already! Old man winter is hosting a concert for gangsta Snoop and four perverts that put socks on their cocks, ooooh lovely... I can't wait!
By JackReacher
ooooohhh! Could LittleMissNastyAss be our first official troll?

So lay off Bosco. He's our star reporter for those of us trying to watch cable with an antenna.
By SimianWarhead
If LittleMissNasty could answer these following questions:

1. Have you ever been in a "drum circle"?

2. Are you a morbidly obese vegetarian?

3. Do you secretly fantasize about receiving analingus in the oval office?

4. Do you own anything with Che Guevara`s image on it?

5. Do you have plans to crush the military industrial complex as soon as you finish that pint of Cherry Garcia?

By LittleMissNasty
Hello MonkeyShithead,

1. No.

2. No.

3. No.

4. No.

5. No.

Any other questions?
By heldmyw
"Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, John Mayer, Fall Out Boy and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Foo Fighters, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Duran Duran, Snow Patrol, John Legend, the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, Mana, Keane, Kelly Clarkson, Korn, AFI, Paolo Nutini, Bloc Party, Damien Rice, Corinne Bailey Rae and Melissa Etheridge have also signed on to perform."

I'll not fail to miss this!

By conservachick
I believe I've uncovered who LittleMissNasty really is...

She's either Melissa McEwan or Marcotte! LittleMissNasty is offically unemployed and has nothing better to do with her time then to harp about conservatives and the Prez....

Hey nasty, I hear they're having a sale on birks down in the Haight-Ashbury, so what are you waiting for... jump into your hybrid!

By JackReacher
"Does anybody remember when Tipper was one of the chairwomen for the Parental Advisory Explicit Material stickers on CDs during the 80's and 90's? Old man winter is hosting a concert for gangsta Snoop and four perverts that put socks on their cocks"

It's been so long since Tipper has seen a cock that would hold up a sock that she's probably willing to forgo any negative rating on these "artist...
By conservachick
2.14.07 at the Gore house:

Tipper: Does Big Al want to play peek-a-boo?

Al: Tip I'm not in the mood!

T: I have Cialis, they last for 4 hrs!

A: Tip, we're experiencing global warming!

T: Well we're not experiencing a warming trend in this bed.

A: Tip I was THIS CLOSE to being the President!

T: Are you going to start looking like one of those cavemen in the Geico ad again?
By SimianWarhead
Melissa McEwan quote- "I have been offered and have accepted a position as the Netroots Coordinator for John Edwards` presidential campaign...(Watch out, world!)". Yep, watch out, world- She'll come and go quicker than the McRib.

By ZeldaC
Remember back in when Bush was first elected and the Republicans had control of Congress and the recession was just beginning? The Democrats said that every time Bush spoke about tax cuts, the DOW dropped.

I don't know if that was true or not, but it seems that every time Gore says something about global warming, the temperature drops.
By cannonfoder
any bets that each cleb act arrives on a privet jet, and is taken by gas guzzling limo to the concert?? and all will be put up in a high class energy waisting five star hotel??

before you ask me to support your "cause" SHOW ME what YOU are doing to further what you are preaching.

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