12:11pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Who Says The Media Isn't Supporting the War on Terror?

By Billy Idol
But what happens to all the charlie? Do the cops get their fair share of that too?
By tintin
Hey, antichrist! Nice to see you back. Still nothing on the gainful employment front, eh?
By Dr. Phat Tony
"Why do cops want to keep weed illegal?" LMN

What country do you live in where the police create law. Here in the U.S. elected officials make the laws.

Write a congressman and stop moaning in comments.
By LittleMissNasty
Cops are constantly holding press conferences claiming that pot needs to remain illegal for the sake of children. I never said they make the laws, but they certainly like to make recommendations that fill their own pockets. They also want the power to arrest smokers in case they may have information. Pigs call it lawful extortion, but it seems criminal to me.
By tintin
Uh-oh.... Was somebody arrested for smoking weed? There there, now. You'll be okay. (Try listening to some Dave Matthews. He understands).
By LittleMissNasty
Yeah, but they let me go after I sucked their cocks. That was all they wanted anyway.
By natesnake
Does anyone else smell that? Kind of a rancid tuna odor... with a hint of Patchouli.
By tintin
And let me guess: You acquired that "Little Miss Nasty" nickname in the holding cell?
By LittleMissNasty
Yeah tintin, the cops gave it to me while they were shoving a plunger up my ass. Whoops now everyone knows I'm from New York.
By tintin
Wow, a liberal New Yorker obsessed with cocks and anal violation. What's the matter Little Miss? Still not over Nathan Lane leaving the Producers?
By JackReacher
Jeeze, she's so disgusting I had her figured to be from San Franbutthole.

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