9:10am on Friday the 6th of December
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By JackReacher
If the ice cream is like Colbert, a little will go a very long way.

Is there anyway we can setup an alert should Jon Stewart ever get funny?
By Berrka
Makes sense, the demographics for both products are pretty much identical: College age stoner pseudo-intellectuals living off their parents and Embittered cat-fraus angry at the world that has rejected them.

IN FACT I bet Amanda Marcotte will buy like five cases when it comes out!
By John Dough
Colbert, though a one trick pony, is actually slightly funnier than Stewart.

Also, having malaria is slightly more pleasant than passing a kidney stone.
By Jim Treacher
Back when Kilborn blew up his career (the first time), I was rooting for Colbert to take over TDS. But then he probably wouldn't have an ice cream named after him!
By JackReacher
Amanda Marcotte? Didn't she invent the douche bag?

Yes, I agree ... Colbert IS funnier than Stewart. But so is Kim Jong Il

By BoscoH
Fascinating Jim! (Now I sound like Mr. Spock, sorry.) I always liked Craig Kilborn on ESPN and on TLLS. I guess I missed him on TDS and didn't know about the controversy that gave that show to Jon Stewart. Damn.
By Bill C
College age stoner pseudo-intellectuals living off their parents

Aka trustafarians.
By JeffWoehrle
Ah, yes. The Ben & Jerry's factory. Another terrorist camp smack dab in the mainstream of our industrial midst.

New flavor idea: Jihad Jambalaya. Random blasted body parts in a smooth tomato and pea base.
By OtisWild
What, no Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato ice cream?

By fmragtops
Yeah, but Ben & Jerry's Black and Tan Ice Cream is awesome.

Ya know, my two dogs got in a fight last night, and one of them almost killed the other one. I walked out with my shotgun and fired a couple rounds into the ground to break them up. My 6 year old daughter was sobbing uncontrollably because she thought I shot the dogs. That's funnier than Jon Stewart.
By Nilbog
My dog and my brother's dog (both Siberian Huskies) got into a fight. Being in an apartment with only a Russian rifle available, I tried to break up the fight by grabbing one of their collars. One of them bit my thumb off. They were able to re-attach it. That was funnier than your dogfight story.. which was funnier than Jon Stewart
By fmragtops

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