9:07am on Friday the 6th of December
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Fresh from the Fox News - REDEYE


By JackReacher
Damn, it must have been good ... it's been removed.
By Jim Treacher
Now it's working, but the sound is twice as fast as the video. Somebody needs to whack Youtube on the side (that usually works with my computer, and Grandma).
By ElleKabong
GG is the true gift...
By fmragtops
You would think God could post a functioning You Tube clip for Christ sakes!

You're not the real God, are you?
By Billy Idol
Oi, these ads for "True" are bollox. I signed up and got a 6'7" transvestive from the Meatpacking, not the lusg barely legal from the banners!
By JeffWoehrle
Never suspected Levy was one of those 'fast talkers.'
By Levy
i've been feeling a little out of sync lately

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