9:09am on Friday the 6th of December
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By salvator m
wait a minute...john stewart is being funny?!? wow, i really didn't know that the daily show was based in humor. i thought he was being unfunny on purpose. thinking stewart is funny should disqualify a person from making judgments on other people's humor.
By Jack Bauer
Wow. I haven't seen such a list of "who the fuck are they" reviews since the producers roped in their friends/family to review Ishtar for newspaper ads.

And I shall certainly be watching Red Eye based on the views of a British tosser slash wanker dim enough to mention Terry (Who??) Wogan in relation an American show.

Congrats Mr. Gut.
By stinky
Love the show, but have some constructive critisism.

Greg, could you find another phrase for 'I want to talk about...'?

A few ideas:

"How 'bout that (story)"

"I read about (story) on the net..."

"Holy sh*t! Did you see this (story)?"
By ClydeS
Oh, boy! You got one of Edwards' bloggers writing about you -- that Shakespeare's Sister chick. Can Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon be far behind? How many times do you figure she would use the F word? How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop? The world may never know...
By John Dough
What Greg needs is an audience of sycophantic imbeciles to HOWL with laughter at every sentence and facial expression.

Thought for the day: If Jon Stewart were preforming to a camera crew and a handful of interns, (i.e. no human laugh-track) would people find his show half as funny?
By fmragtops
I agree with Jack Bauer, and you should too if you want to live.

Anyways, yeah, who the hell are all these people, and why should anyone care what they think? The only reason I know who Amanda Marcotte is is because she said frankj can't do satire or some such nonsense.
By ibiwisi
So the Philadelphia City Paper wants to know why there aren't any funny conservatives? There's lots of them...it's just that liberal have no sense of humor.

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