9:08am on Friday the 6th of December
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By Frank J.
Out of curiosity, what kind of rating do you need to aim for to justify a show that's on at 2am on a cable news network?
By BudBaxter

Your IT person better look like Jessica Alba, because if you extolled their virtues any more in some countries it would be required for their parents to give you a dowry or at least a goat.
By Jim Treacher
What do you call meat from a cloned cow?

A mis-steak! Oh, I got a dozen of 'em.
By Levy
"Out of curiosity, what kind of rating do you need to aim for to justify a show that's on at 2am on a cable news network?"

let me put it this way, frank - as long as you're watching, we're okay.
By BoscoH
I hate the Oscars because every year, it means hearing the same anti-Oscars joke from one of my friends. I agree with him totally, and the joke is funny... the first 5 times. Anyway, his imitation of Oscar night is using his right hand to pat himself on the back. If you could get Penelope or Deloris or whatever her name is to do that, I'd promise not to look at her chest.
By BoscoH
Rachel, I meant Rachel.
By Frank J.
"let me put it this way, frank - as long as you're watching, we're okay."

I hope Tivoing it counts then. BTW, Levy, I enjoy your ombudsing and I think Greg should do a segment on ninjas.
By BudBaxter
Who decides what advertisers this site gets. Since they were added I have seen everything from Stock Picks to clothes for plus size middle aged women...

More Drawings too, from both Greg and Levy. Maybe the Venn Diagram showing the overlap of HuffPost Bloggers and Bed Wetters
By stinky
You're still not coming up on TiVo. It shows as Shepard Smith. Plz talk to FOX programming and get that fixed. That way, you'll have watchers whether we are watching or not!
By JackReacher
Greg, devote some time to really considering what it will be like to have Bill Clinton as the first bitch.

Saw a bunch of negative crap about Rachel, but, as always, I considered the fucking source. Go Rachel!

Levy, start omnibudding more bud.
By RoommateCode
Former NBA player John Amaechi's memoirs reveal he is homosexual. An anonymous teammate from Amaechi's days in Cleveland: "John was real girly back in the day. Never hit the clubs with us after the game, but we just chalked that up to him being British." Amaechi is now in talks with Mars, Inc. to star in a new series of "Snickers" TV commercials...

Gives new meaning to the word "baller"
By Jim Treacher
Not to mention "driving to the hole." And "same-sex genital stimulation."
By RoommateCode
IDEA: RedEye's target audience is younger than the rest of FNC's programming. If FNC won't promote RedEye, then RedEye must self-promote to the younger tech-savvy audience. Start by:

*Encouraging cross-linking on video sites like HotAir, CollegeHumor, and Vimeo

*Lobby hard for FNC to leverage other NewsCorp websites to promote RedEye to the target audience
By rouxdsla
If I won the puppy I'd probably send it to Instapundit and he'd just blend it.
By BoscoH
OK, Jonathan Hoenig, screen guest and his cold, damn wet hands. Breitbart is the first kicked off the island, replaced by David Carr. I just wanna say my iPod has lots of music including NorCal legends Madside. They totally rock, check em out on iTunes.. Rachel puts her iPod down her top at the gym. Rachel, I think Clinton scored the big touchdown, not Reagan.
By BoscoH
Militant Islam and pigs. Are we born evil? Bill is a producer? He is wearing my old high school colors. Rachel hasn't been watching the commercials... It's all reverse mortgages... 1st break. No, it's Head On, DiTech, and nutrisystem for retired athletes. OK, Rachel is like Ann Coulter but funnier and not shrill. More Rachel, less everyone else. Greg almost picked his nose!
By BoscoH
OK, I made the Rachel/Coulter comparison before Deep Throat. For the record.. Greg, I was just thinking "kill the farmers". this is frigging scary. rock n roll part 2. Um Rachel, go to a basketball game. Glitter's music hasn't dried up. I'm doing Levy's job now. Rachel was a bio major?!? 2nd break. Pajamagram + Vermont teddy bear. oscars. yeah. david carr is an expert. like a gay pride parade.
By BoscoH
Rachel gives a shout out to last night's episode. Bill is bickering with her constantly. No Oscars for animals. 3rd break. cryocare -- prostate cancer treatment. diecast tow truck, YEAH! Levy time... Rachel is a Canadian! I heard her say "aboot" last night. Levy nails Rachel on 3 names thing. Gut wants to be on The View. Rachel is gonna define algorithm. Obama is quitting smoking.
By BoscoH
Jonathan wants a President who masturbates. and he loves WalMart. He can't say "bitch slap" on the weekend biz shows. Emily has to stop showing the top of her eyeballs. Greg, get some cool Nike Dunks. Try pickyourshoes.com or go to the next NYC dunkxchange -- my buddy runs that show. Emily is a biologist too, knows all about raccoon dogs. greg's mom is on.
By BoscoH
greg deftly switches her from "the blacks" to illicit gambling on bridge. she makes less than a walmart greeter on this gig. pro-library porn. why else would she go? viewer male. tomorrow!! mil-fil, elves, do we need the earth, morley safer is a cgi, disappearing socks. buh-bye!
By Maddox
Where's Breitbart? I just turned on the tube and see a skinny little white boy sitting in his chair. I miss Breitbart ugly mug...NOT!

Keep up the good work guys!
By Maddox
You guys should have Mancow do a daily segment on the show. I love his once and awhile segments on Fox & Friends and they just took his radio program off the air over here in SoCal, so I need my daily dose of Mancow in the morning. Plus he has a pretty large fan base you might be able to lure in. Just a thought.
By stinky
"I almost picked my nose on national TV."

If this show doesn't take off, I'm going to be very depressed. What a funny show! A few thoughts to take or leave as you will:

-Where is Mr. Breitbart? Bring him back!

-Jonathan Hoenig is always great. Get him back often.

-The pretty girl needs a giant red eye tatoo on her shoulder (I promise to learn her name next show. She's smart and prett...
By stinky

400 char limit? Could you ramp that up to 2k or so? If you want constructive criticism, I mean. I'll shut up if you want to keep the 400 char limit.
By Dan Collins
More of the guy with the monkey head. The guy with the monkey head, he makes me to laugh.
By natesnake
Have Stone and Parker from SouthPark on the show to discuss the effect of midgets on international foriegn policy.

There's a guy going to prison for screwing mannequins (goldmine).

I agree with dude above; you can have the greatest show evah, but it don't mean shit if no one knows about it. Fox needs to plug this show on the network and internet.
By Frank J.
Definitely more polished this time; I'm really liking the show.

I often watch the FOX business shows on Saturday morning even though I don't care at all about investing so I also like the monkey head guy.
By mynameischris
newshounds really hates your show... is it on in canada? ps when you left stuff magazine (greg) it went to shit... just saying. it's worse than FHM now
By stinky
I never said I trusted his stock advice Frank. That's why I still enjoy watching him. The guy from MASH gives pretty good advice though. FJ is right, it's much more polished. Everyone is finishing their thoughts. Each show is better than the last.

Maddox' suggestion of mancow is fantastic. Ms. Huffington might be funny for a one time thing. Would be tough not to get fired from her blog.
By Jim Ryan
Come on post some YouTubes of the show here, so those of us idiots without cable can see it.
By FranklyFrank
You have to have the Republican Girls Gone Wild on your show. They crack me up, especially when they say they want to tear down the UN and build a Wal-Mart in its place.

By RoommateCode
Did somebody just type in these comments that they didn't have cable TV?

Or satellite?

But you have DSL in your house... or are you reading this from free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop?

That's messed up. Did you lose a bet or something?

YouTube isn't the right place for RedEye vids. RedEye vids should go on a NewsCorp-owned video sharing site.

Got it? Or do I have to draw a map?
By Sigmond
Mr. Gutfeld, I need your advice. Whatever happened to Nuclear Winter? I got all prepared, built a nuke proof bomb shelter to protect my family and stuff, and now - no Nuclear Winter, just Global Warming.

My question: Can a nuclear bomb shelter be used as protection from Global Warming? And if not, what in your opinion is the best way to protect my family and stuff? Thank you. Sigmond.
By nelson

Whenever I have an idea, it's Taco Bell.

Maybe have Katie Couric host a cock fight. "Katie's Cocks! - Rock!" Or get her in some mud wrestling action....mmmmm..... that would be good too. A combination of both!!!

You'll need celebrities to get attention. Here in a few days, when no one is looking, maybe you could get Anna Nicole. Get your shovel!

Hope these ideas help.

By Jim Ryan

Thanks, I see the videos are on the Fox site.

Yes, DSL and no cable. I just don't cotton to TV now that Seinfeld's done.

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