9:10am on Friday the 6th of December
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By BoscoH
Crap. That's the only time I can catch the first five minutes of Gretta to see how her post-CNN face rearrangement is holding up. WTG Gut! Do you need an official show blogger??
By JackReacher
Congrats, Greg ... I was wondering when they were going to bring you back to the tube.

Hey, in case there's any really on-air sticky situations that need consultation, you can easily refer to the Gut and your "faithful" followers. (oh brother)
By death valley
Mr. Gut,

Knock 'em dead (well, figuratively, for the most part)

Kick ass and take no prisoners.

It has been about 23 years since I killed my TV, literally.

I will follow your meteoric rise to fame here at The Gut.

By albo
I'll tape it. I'm usually busy burying hookers in my crawlspace at 2 a.m.
By fmragtops
Wow, too bad I've got a normal job now and can't watch TV at all hours of the night.
By natesnake
Kudos Greg! I hope you one day enjoy Oprah status... but with more porn.

Did you really ask one of Ace's flunkies to be a writer on the show? That would be a sweet gig.
By JammieWearingFool
Maybe they can rerun it at 5 am so I can catch it when I wake up.

By JeffWoehrle
Congrats and best wishes.
By BoscoH
Hey Gut... I have a scoop for you. Drudge says there were fireballs in the sky seen all over the mid-west. The scientists say there weren't planned meteor showers. What if it's debris from that Chinese satellite they blew up? Alcoa stock would go through the roof!
By Lord Sholto Douglas
I can't wait for the whole GutLine of products to come available! T-Shirts, lunchboxes, mousepads, beercan coolers, condoms, and laxitives.

Good Job Greg!
By Nelton
I can't find it on my DVR. It shows 'Fox Report' for that time. Anyone else?
By Jim Treacher
Break a leg! (Or your hymen, whatever.)
By Nelton
Never mind. At that hour (Pacific, Tijuana time) I'd rather

watch "Las Mujeres Salsas" on the Latino Spice channel. I thinks it's channel 301.
By lizard boy
Congrats on your new gig.

Too bad you couldn't wrestle that 4am slot away from O'Reilly where he gets his backside tweezed by some production assistant, while Bill loads some batteries into his own "personal assistant."

Maybe you can get that written into your contract rider.
By jakewashere
I'll tell you, I wouldn't put a Bill O'Reilly bumper sticker on my truck, but I would put one up for Red Eye.
By Spirit Archer
I'm loving this show. I haven't been watching it fully, more like listening to it, and it's so entertaining. Joking about global warming (which everyone is just too much over the top on now), I think I heard you guys say 'lol' at the beginning of the show. It's great, I'm happy to watch it. :)
By Captain Mojo
Not too bad, although the hip in your face camera work at the beginning made me a little queasy. Breitbart pleasantly surprised me, and I hope he returns. BTW, the word he was looking for was GMILF, or perhaps in the leathery case of Collins and Evans, G-GMILF.

By Maddox
Great show Gut! Very entertaining. Tell Rachel she has some great legs. ;-)
By Jim Treacher
I just wanted to second the thing about the legs. (Greg, consider shorts or a skirt.)
By natesnake
(Greg, consider shorts or a skirt.)

Yes, I'm also feeling a Basic Instinct moment as well.

By Mancujo
So sorry I missed it, but because of a powerful combination of anti-depressants and too much US Weekly and InTouch I was passed out half naked on the bathroom floor.
By ktshute
Mmmm, yes, love the show. But it says it won't be on tonight!

I actually stumbled upon it while on my third bowl of "Coco Roos" at 3am.

Some advice, slow down on the subjects, I nearly crapped my pants trying to keep up.
By rjwest21
Missed the first show but for some reason my DirecTV/Tivo menu isn't finding it in either it's daily menu choices or in the "pick a program to record" options. Hmmmmmm. When is it coming back on?
By MadAboutPolitics
Hi Greg! You should have Julia Gorin and The Republican Girls Gone Wild on your show.

By mwcustx
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