9:09am on Friday the 6th of December
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By John Dough
Are all Bostonites he-bitch man-pooters with no sense of humor or proportion?
By JeffWoehrle
Hair-obsessed nitwit: "Only questions about the hair! Next?"

My 30-06: "Boom."

Hair-obsessed nitwit: "Fuck!"
By scribbler
There's probably more of a threat to the citizens of Boston from that long-haired freaks body odour, than anything a towel-head terrorist could muster..
By ClydeS
On the other hand, it was funny watching the MSM talking heads getting all offended because the boneheads weren't taking them seriously. Nothing torques the media off more than not being taken seriously. Hell hath no fury like an MSM talking head scorned!
By JackReacher
Actually, the Weedeater company should quickly step in and signup these two slow-leaks.
By tintin
Dreads on a white guy are the follicular equivalent of a Che Guevara t-shirt on a non-Cuban. You have no claim on the identity you're trying to co-opt; what it shows, essentially, is that you have no identity of your own. Put otherwise: a "wannabe asshole."
By TonyAdams
Or those jeans worn under your ass with your underwear showing on a white kid
By Johnny A
Boston: security so tight they're fucked by a bunch of LED cartoon images. Look, you've cursed us with Kerry and Kennedy, so at least keep your shit wrapped tight enough that you aren't scared shitless by some damned LEDs.
By Lamontyoubigdummy
Sis lives in Austin. The "devices" were there for weeks too. Don't recall news of traffic jams, hysterical calls to police, the bomb squad, or the Navy SEALs to save them from a couple of fuckin Lite Brites. Course 52% of Austin's population stays stoned pretty much 24/7, so...
By BigWriteMan
I was willing to give that dreadlocked dipshit the benefit of the doubt, even though I was stuck in a tunnel and was late for a thing across the bridge in Chelsea. Chelsea! If not the asshole of the world, it's the muscle that holds it steady..

I shoulda been gone from there before I even got there!

But then they made a game of it... Ooooh..


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