9:06am on Friday the 6th of December
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By fmragtops
Hey, Mama, G'len Al Beq was making the sayings of the AM radio yesterday about these brave soldiers of Mohammed(pbuh). Al Beq is of the thinking that such incidents of the purification of our most beloved Islam could make the infidels rise up in a smiting fashion to kill Muslims in the streets!

By fmragtops
Well, Al Beq, listen to me for I tell you do not just sing about it, make with the bringing of it! I make the prayer to Mohammed (pbuh) that you kill me! Kill every last one us! Martyrdom for all Islam, Insh'allah! Once every last Muslim is a martyr, we will make of the sweet, sweet humping down by the fireplace of Allah with the 72 virgins! Then, Amerikkka, you will be feeling of the sorry!
By fmragtops
I am making of the apology for the twice postings, but my Islamic rage just could not be contained in only 400 characters!
By salvator m
i would love to hear john kerry's, algore's, hillary's and/or obama's explanation of how they would engage such people as these muslim shitheads.
By JackReacher
I hope when the Presidential debates begin, someone thinks to ask Obama if he was ever involved in beheadings as a youth. We could learn how he coped with moving on from such childish pranks.
By Schmofo
By the Beard of the Prophet (ptui) I am not knowing if to rise up in the street Muslims for to smite, or go bowling. Perhaps we should scimitar-and-feather them as examples? I have an eye for an aye...
By death valley
Mama Zarq,

You are sooo hot.

This talk of skewering the lambs... and the way you

say "intertube"...

Well, it just makes me stand up and take notice... or do I notice before it stands up?

But, I've just found out that "beheaded" isn't quiet what I thought it was.

-Sleepless in the South


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