12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Laconic
Technically, it would be "Well Hanged," but that just sounds silly.
By antichrist
Here is a quote from something i read in a news story:

"When people were asked to name the candidate for villain that first came to mind, Bush far outdistanced even Osama bin Laden, the terrorist leader in hiding; and former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein."

And that's being kind.
By Saddam
Oh crap, AC, NOW you let on that you can read and write English! I just assumed it was mom posting for you. I soooo wanted to collaborate on a letter to that damn DR Chipper company. What a flimsy piece of garbage! Less than a hundred families and it craps out.

Don't they make lifetime bearings anymore? I mean our lifetimes.

Thanks for keeping the flame alive! Wish you were here.
By levy
a pun in the hand, laconic. a pun in the hand...

auntie, i share your sadness over that quote. you're right - some people really are pathetic. thanks for sharing!
By levy
hey saddam - how's it hangin'? or is that a bad choice of words?
By clem
very funny. the eye test. very funny.

By Jeff Woehrle
He didn't deserve this! Can't we just talk about it instead? Violence never solves anything! The world is so filled with hate!

Sorry. I thought for a brief moment that I was a liberal.
By sal m
i read that the US kept Saddam in custody until right before the execution because of the likelihood that he would have been mistreated (a kind word) if the iraqs had him. the US also is making sure that his body isn't mutilated - as is the iraqi way with executed leaders - now that he's tits up.

and where was that poll taken, at the kennedy compound or in hillary's campaign headquarters?
By Lord Sholto Douglas
When will the conspiracy buffs rejoice that Saddam is indeed NOT dead, that he had a loyal look alike stand it for him, and he is living quietly in Knoxville according? Hmmmm?

Michael Moore will probably have something to say on his blog...
By daylate
Let the dead bury the dead -- (an old saying but I don't know its exact source.)
By lizard boy
Antichrist: "Something I read in a news story."

Translation: "Something I read in a (Weekly World News) story."

And I don't think he's living quietly in Knoxville. I think he and Elvis are working the midnight shift at the Gas n' Go in Dubuque.
By Bosco
Saddam was hoping to hang around for the Ford funeral. OK, now for my Ford joke... You guys know why he died last week, right? He didn't want to see USC kick the crap out of Michigan on Monday.
By G. Scott
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Say hi to Tookie Saddum.
By levy
nice, bosco. by the way, that's what's known as a fordian slip.
By fmragtops
fordian slip, that's classic.

I'm suprised Afifa hasn't posted her two cents on the passing of Saddam.

As to Auntie's news story, he left half of it out. Bush also topped the "Heroes of 2006" list as well. I'll try to leave the link. Let's try this: LINK

By fmragtops
Nope, didn't work. Let's try this:

By antichrist
When it comes to being a villian, americans think bush kicks saddam's and osama's asses. You guys should be proud.

By the way, the above address is a virus.
Bush also kicks the ass of Jesus Christ for most admired in the same survey.

I am proud.

By Jeff Woehrle
Above post by me. My bad...
By 657
anti - a virus? why would you not want anyone to read it?
By antichrist
American's think their president is a hero? That must be a first, although with bush, it is justified. When it comes to being a villian, i'm sure every president has been voted worse than saddam.
By antichrist
Remember after the first iraq war when saddam got more votes for president than the first bush. That is what helped clinton win. Since saddam is now dead, americans will have to accept osama as their president instead. Better than bush though, at least according to americans.
By antichrist
Would a dead saddam make a better president than bush? Any thoughts? Smarter perhaps, but better?
By antichrist
Last night, I went to a New Year's party dressed as Judy Garland. It was a hoot!
By Lord Sholto Douglas
Are you done yet?
By Frosty Beverage
Good Riddance Saddam.

I can only hope that there is justice in the afterlife, because you got off easy here.
By daylate
AC: Last night, I went to a New Year's party dressed as Judy Garland. It was a hoot! Which? Your cute Judy Garland drag (s)trip or the party. Were you strewn by the strawman, lionized by a Lahr lion, had your knees greased by the tin man or at midnight did you just click your ruby red slippers and slip into a peaceful poppy snooze? Just curious.


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