12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By death valley
A "comb over"? People in glass houses shouldn't...

While The Don al may be a self righteous buffoon, Miss Piggy is a vicious cunt. She attacks the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights and those who own guns with the same pitbull tenacity. But, please don't take her out and shoot her, she should suffer her own flatualent fate,

they should have a love-child.
By Bosco
Roger Lodge, sitting in for Jim Rome today, had a montage of Trump smack about Rosie. Funniest stuff I've heard since Gut's shout out to Brentwood last week.

I just wish the two of them would shut up. Every time I hear her name, I have a flashback to watching an episode of Nip/Tuck where she is missionary with Dr. Troy, under a blanket. Ick.
By lizard boy
Rosie needs to shut that yap and keep her mug away from the buffet table.

"The Donald" is a jerk who looks like he needs to eat more fiber.
By Andrea Dworkin's poon
Rosie a cunt? I guess it's true what they say: you are what you eat.
By Andrea Dworkin
I wish my poon would shut her lips. When I said penetrative intercourse is, by its nature, violent, I did not necessarily visualize Rosie et al. going at it with a strap on, but maybe I should have. There is definitely a lot more painful squealing going on then.
By death valley
Andrea's poon,

If we are as we eat, then my women friends would be totally

swallowed cocks. They aren't but they do. Go figure.

The Rosie manifests the Dark Female in her hatred of men and healthy women. I'm tryin' to say I reserve the "cunt" word for women who can't stand up to being women. 'Course Anne Coulter makes my dominant gorge rise... but that's me.

By death valley

Speak not of Rosie, speak to me of Penetrative Intercourse...

speak of violent penetrative intercourse...

Damn, you may be hotter that Annie... it's possible.
By Bosco
Sorry guys, couldn't live blog this evening... But here's a quick recap... Gut agreed with Combs one or two times. Gut stuttered trying to spit out "New York". All agreed that it's beneath Trump to attack Rosie, and she should just shut up because she's getting swatted down pretty hard. Additionally, when she's attacking Trump, she's not attacking Bush and the Republicans.
By Bosco
Gut wanted to call her the female version of Alec Baldwin. Did he?
By terrence
bosco - no he didnt. but he did compare trump and rosie to "two dung beetles fighting over an oreo cookie." and the Miss USA guest was hot.
By Hillbilly
Garafolo goes to the "winner"?!
By benny eggs
yeah, that's about right. Two dung beetles. Perfect.
By G. Scott
The ironic thing about this whole situation is that Rosie attacked Trump as some sort of a flawed moral standard when he DIDN'T fire Miss USA. He gave her a second chance and said some nice things about her, understanding that people make mistakes. Who does Rosie hate more, men or beautiful women?
By Bosco
You're right "G". I think it was all a misunderstanding. Rosie heard that Miss KY had some kind of a problem and saw an opportunity. Unfortunately, Rosie's peeps didn't tell her that KY stands for Kentucky. And so we have World War III. Such is life.

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