12:28pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the digital spy


By lizard boy
Papa's got a brand new box. RIP.
By Jim Treacher
"I (don't) feel good."
By lonevoice
RIP, Mr. Brown, thanks for all the jams.....
By Stranger
In the Jungle Groove was one his best albums. Every rapper has sampled something off of that album, brilliant!

I will miss him and his antics.
By rjh
great story title
By Scott
President Bush will talk soon to our troops, to the American people and to the Iraqi people about the new way forward in Iraq that will lead to a democratic and unified country that can sustain, govern, and defend itself.
By Bosco
There aren't many jokes that work with James Brown. Jim got 'em all above... But Gerald Ford... Is anyone else playing the "Gerald Ford is dead drinking game"? You watch Fox News, and anytime the talking head subtly mentions that Ford was a klutz, you drink. All players are guaranteed to set land speed records for alcohol poisoning.
By Bosco
When Gerald Ford gets to heaven, he bumps into Richard Nixon. Ford says "Pardon me". Nixon replies, "No, pardon me!". Ford says, "I already did".

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