12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Somebody's got a birthday coming up!

By antichrist
Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I really like that song. It's cheesy, but it cheers me up. Plus, I have a problem with authority and feel compelled to contradict you because you remind me of my controlling father.
By The Horned One
Ah now it all makes sense. antichrist is such an unfunny attention-seeking dick cos he was abused by his old man.
By Hootie -Blowfish
Hey God, Tell your Son happy birthday. I had a dream that Lifetime did a remake of "Oh God" with Jon Voigt replacing George Burns as you, and Huey Lewis as the John Denver character. Only this time, they played the movie for laughs. And John Travota had an uncredited cameo where a donkey kicked him in the balls
By God
I'm a big Jon Voight fan (I'm actually responsible for his comeback) but even I can't figure out what the deal is with his kids - that whole smoochy smoochy thing still makes Me cringe!

Antichrist, I think nobody but Me appreciates your work. You're a modern day Judas to my disciples Gutfeld and Levy, as foretold in Guteronomy and Levyticus!

By antichrist
Hey god, you don't have disciples, you are a joke. You don't even get your own link on gut's side bar anymore. You've been replaced with "gut's unbearable stench", and it's link isn't even active. You've been reduced to trying to promote yourself by blogging here with a link to your own page, and it's certainly not worth clicking on, as usually.
By Jesus
Forgive him, Dad, for he knows not what is funny.
By levy
auntie, i'm curious - why do you keep reading these blogs if you think they're so awful and you think the writers are assholes? i'm not trying to pick a fight, i'm honestly curious.
By lizard boy
Sounds like antichrist woke up on the wrong side of the pen.

Besides, cut God some slack. Between the Nork nukes, Ahmadinejad conjuring up the 12th Imam, and Hillary '08, He's got His hands full.
By antichrist
Hi levy, you know how gut tries to educate those stupid fucked up liberals over at the huffpo. That's what i do here, but to stupid fucked up conservatives. To confess, i only half read the posts here, i'm much more interested in the comments, especially those that might refer to me. In a way, i consider this my blog. What's your reason.
By george
weird shit man.....
By prochrist
That "Last Christmas" song by Wham is way worse.
By levy
"you know how gut tries to educate those stupid fucked up liberals over at the huffpo. That's what i do here, but to stupid fucked up conservatives....In a way, i consider this my blog."

auntie, i found this article for you. best of luck - hope it helps.


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