12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By antichrist
Hey gut, i'm enjoying global warming this christmas, the winter is quite tropical. Instead of pretending global warming does not exist, you should claim it is for the best, because now we can get a tan in the winter. Conservatives could own this topic, and make liberals look like snow-loving fools.
By antichrist
Gut sure likes to defend the chinese. In one of his rare huffpo posts, he endorses buyng chinese products instead of american. I guess it is because he is british. Now in his previous post, he comments that the bush adminstration is no better than the chinese goverment. What's with that shit?
By death valley
Gut, Merry Christmas you irrascible bastard. Thanks for being here (there). You bring an island of sanity to Al Gore's Internet.

I ate the most delicious sausage from the street grills in Nuremberg... now that I think of it I saw no street orphans.

I want to know what's up with the elves, ya never see any babe elves, all guys?

Maybe Nita knows.

death valley Kelley

Black Rock Rangers Ret.
By sven
Shouldn't that be, "Happy Christmas," you limey prick?
By gg
no, it's merry christmas you fuck.

I'm a yank. I don't know where people get the idea that i'm british. I have all my teeth.
By antichrist
An ex-yank.
By spud
stop talking about yanking, is rude - therefore I command "yank: off!" "Yank: off, I say!"
By Darweesh Qaimari
Bless you this New Year from the city of Jerusalem, the city of Jesus Christ, although I am a Muslim youth, but this did not prevent the celebration of the new year and the birth of Jesus Christ-peace be upon him, I wish prosperity and happiness of all the inhabitants of the land and freedom for people in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Free Palestine, ...
By Lee Healey
Why do you yanks think all us Brit's have bad teeth?!

I've never had a problem with my tooth.
By lizard boy
Merry Christmas to everyone at GutCorp HQ (and the other GCHQ) and all of the commenters who help make this an entertaining site. Special thanks to Daylate for producing such a fine son. And Merry Christmas to antichrist, too; I hope you get a bigger lump of coal than all the other inmates.
By Bosco
Two things... At least Gut had the decency to move out of the United States after Bush won. Can't say the same for Alec Baldwin. Also, postmen are not the first to die under the strain of huge male sacks. It happens to bulls all the time.
By Hootie -Blowfish
I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and happy birthday to a/c. And good evening to Mrs Sugartits, where ever you are.
By dc
facts strangely reminiscent to those bestoyed on us by l.m. boyd -- god, i miss the grab bag.
By Dr. Morbius
I love global warming. Here it is, the middle of winter in bee-yoo-ta-full southern Minnesota, and instead of it being cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey it's a balmy 32 degrees (that's O degrees centigrade for you limeys). Hell, there are people still running around in shorts here.

Too bad it's not permanent; I'm getting too old to "enjoy" that 20 below zero shit...
By bananaramadramapajama
About this whole hanging Christmas lights on the homeless ... what do we do when there's a Democrat president? 'Cuz, like, y'know, there's only homelessness in America when a Repub's in the White House. Read your NY Times.
By Dr. Morbius
Good point. I clearly remember how the homeless problem was solved by the Clinton administration; or at least I assumed it was, because I never heard much about a homeless problem during his tenure.

Perhaps the NY Times would be willing to donate empty office space for people to decorate? Lord knows they seem to have plenty of it these days...
By Scott

Have you thought about mentioning the newly revealed details of the Sandy Berger thing on the Huffpo, since they haven't bothered to mention it yet? I'm sure if Condi Rice stole classified documents, hid them under a construction trailer, later retrieved them, and finally cut them into small pieces and threw them away, the Huffpo would be showing similar restraint.
By gg
i am a huge fan of lm boyd

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