12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the DAILY GUT


By Bosco
I'm just gonna live blog it now, 3 hours before the show...

gg: "Hi Sean, it's late here. I was just out at a club with Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Nobody got beat up."

combs: "Now come on Greg, Sean Penn pleaded to misdemeanor domestic assault."

gg: "If OJ hadn't gotten special treatment in 1989, maybe Judith Regan would still have a job."

hannity: "Greg, compare Sean Penn and Alec Baldw...
By gg
no bosco -

here's a preview:

"When Sean Penn was in China filming the classic Shanghai Surprise with is then wife Madonna, why didn't he "speak truth to power" to the CHinese government about slave prison labor or Tianmen square." cuz he's a coward! THen i will look stupid because of the three second delay and the fact that I'm half asleep.
By Bosco
In defense of Sean Penn in China... At 5'8", he was comparatively tall there. That could have been intimidating to him.
By Frosty Beverage
A wise man once said:

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily."
By hannahighpoint
I love you Greg, but practice saying Pakistan a few times. Then start drinking heavily.
By gg
bosco, that doesn't make sense - they would have been intimidated BY HIM. see, it was a lost opportunity to create serious change, and he missed it.

Frosty Bev: i would drink heavily, but then i would fall asleep. i'm already ready to conk out now (it's 12:15 am). I'm not on for two hours.
By gg
hannah - i am never saying pakistan again.
By death valley
Your talking of Sean Penn is stimulating my wretch factor. No matter what hairdo he is doing, I keep getting these trinity-like images of Penn, John Kerry, and Michael "the puke" Moore... Hope you don't go down the same road.
By Bosco
OK, getting ready to live blog Gutman on Combs and Reagan...

Greg looks 40 years younger than the leftie...

Gut has no problem with Sean Penn's assertions...

Talkjs about censorship and never shuts up. (Greg was holding out on us)

Combs calls himself unamerican. Penn responds to himself. Quite comical!

Sean Penn is fugly! Madonna musta had 3 bags over him.

By Bosco
Old man is standing up for everyone. Combs says Gut has a right to speak.

Greg, whaddya think of Combs' tie? "truth to power in brentwood"! I knew he'd mix OJ in there!

Michael Reagan finally says something... Sean (Penn not Hannity) gets an award for preaching to the queerer.

Greg, you are the only one without a tie. Tie rhymes with pie. Pie in face. Coincidence? Ellis has bad teeth.
By Bosco
Pasifists are so bad ass! Greg said the retard word!

Combs thanks Gut, tells Ellis it was swell to see him.

End of live blogging...
By Sigmond
Excellent, Mr. Gutfeld. Very excellent appearance on Hannity and Colmes.. Gutfeld 1, Hennican 0.
By Teabag
I think i've just figured out what's missing in CNN's 9 pm slot: "Gutfeld and Hennican!" or would it be "Greg and Ellis!"...there, that sounds a little more CNN.

good showing tonight, although i was concerned you'd stumble over "brentwood" a la Pakistan.

now, when does Schulz get in on the action?
The Brentwood was a shout out to bosco.

The worst thing, was, i was getting a little dizzy near the end (i had a 16 ounce can of Stella and six cigarettes- can you blame me - it's two am) - which accounted for saying the retard word.

and, dammit, i forgot to record it.

By gg
that was my comment above btw. i have found, teabag, that whenever i am about to say a name of a place - it happens. i almost did it with brentwood. i don't understand it. i should stick to monosyllabic words and shouting. Also the last two times i've been on, i always agree with Combs. I don't know why - but it makes him smile. And that makes me happy.
By Jim Treacher
Sure, you're a hit on Hannity & Colmes, but how about Alicublog?

By hump
Hey gg, nice job, some funny bits. But you need speech therapy.
By Udo
poor gut, the penniless hack called upon to project his jealously and bitterness against those more successful than he will ever be once again. but mrs gutfelched gets to say her special little gay son was on the teevee again! grandma must be so proud too. gut ,the failure, is somehow a celebrity expert?
By Udo
but gut can say, sean penn hates amurica, big meanie. and bukkake hannity eats it all up, yum, so do the bitter impotent old white men who watch fox news. they get to sign off knowing how much better they are than that awful sean penn. really, gut, these little 5 minute appearances are what you brag about as your tv projects? Bwahahahaaaaa!
By farris
wow udo - jealous much? working in IT really is getting to you. Which reminds me, can you drop off a laptop battery when you're done in the basement?
By haha
But at the end of the day, Penn is an Oscar winning multi millionaire and Gutfeld couldn't edit a soft porn magazine without getting his ass fired. Just sayin'.
By Jim Treacher
So the richer you are, the better you are? Somehow I don't think you'd apply that standard to the many, many detractors of George W. Bush.
By sven
Oh please with the millionaire stuff. Sean Penn would be a dick if he were pumping gas. He's just a spoiled little loudmouth who can't get over the fact that daddy was a Communist.
By Hootie -Blowfish
Yes, haha, it is a great country when a dummy like Sean Penn, who can read what other people write, convincingly pretends to be someone else on film, becomes rich with this "talent", and these facts impress someone even dumber than him.
By Jeff Woehrle
Sean Penn makes me want to piss in a santa's lap. Another artist/foreign affairs expert! How much better off we'd all be if the 'creative types' would just play with their brushes in the corner and leave the politics to the adults.
By hump
Jeff--A billboard of your post plastered on Santa Monica Boulevard might be enough to get me attending movies again.
By Ann B. Davis as Alice
gg: don't get a big head thinking you were the focus of attention in that "middle box" shot between reagan jr and ellis. it ain't a big deal.
By clem
heres the segment


By antichrist
I think sean penn is a good actor, and i like his politics. I notice that you guys being idiots does not keep you from shuting your mouths. Why should penn?
By Jeff Woehrle
Because I said he should.

By haha
I love the way Penn has actually seen what he's talking about first hand yet you people think you know better. You guys are walking contradictions.
By Jeff Woehrle
Gee, you must be right! I nominate him for the highest US security clearance. I mean, smart people like him should be privy to everything!

By the way... I'm seated.
By haha
Jeff, I'm beginning to come around to your way of thinking. In future I will trust in the unfunny ramblings of a lisping lardball who couldn't hold down a job editing a soft porn rag. I am saved!
By antchrist
haha is right. If you guys want penn to shut his mouth, then gut's gonna have to keep his mouth shut too, and his ass.
By Jeff Woehrle
I object to your calling my publication a rag! We use the best quality moisture-resistant paper available.

Penn and his ilk do more for Repubs by speaking than staying quiet. But we certainly cannot confuse his ramblings with intelligence.
By Me
It's amazing that celebrities think that because they're good at pretending to be someone else, they become the Delphi Oracle.

How do the two go together?

Oh, that's right - publicity. Any publicity will do; any publicity, good or bad, keeps them in the limelight.

C'mon Anti, at least gut's getting paid for giving his opinion. Penn and the rest of the attention-whore celebrity crowd just ...
By Me
..get laughs.

No one takes them seriously.

They're just soundbites for the tabloids.

(Frankly, I'm waiting for Britney to take an interest in foreign policy.)
By Udo
Some poser said:

....Penn and his ilk do more for Repubs by speaking than staying quiet....

Sure worked real well in the last elections, didn't it?
By Jeff Woehrle

You left out the most important part:

"But we certainly cannot confuse his ramblings with intelligence."

That ellipsis will get you every time.

By daylate
What has Sean Penn said that a large number of people do not secretly agree with but "whatver" keeps them silent? I do not support his philosophy -- for he has none; nor can I tolerate many of his pictures,ie, "ALL THE KING'S MEN". He fell so far short of Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark. Penn was such a caricature of what he thought was the "Southern" mind.

By daylate
Tell me... how is Venice Beach these days? I lived there in the mid-60s and again in early 80s. Loved it in the 60s. Sleeping on the beach...weekend drumming...aroma of natural substance floating like incense among the people. Great times, the 60s.

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