12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Hurt Knee
You know, I bumped my knee today, I wonder if the same thing applies? I should call my attorney and sue the manufacturer of my desk table for psychological damages, I find that I am not able to tolerate stupidty. I wonder if I've got a case.
By Bosco
Yes, this is the new trend... Tara Conner was probably the last celeb able to get away with checking herself into rehab to resolve problems. When George Clooney gets liquored up and starts using the C-word to describe the Secretary of State. No, not Colin or Condolessa.
By Bosco
...He'll claim he hit his head on Danny DeVito's pelvis.
By levy
bosco's right - head injuries are the new rehab
By Lindsay Lohan
Ow! My head!

*resumes chuffing cawk*
By death valley
Gentle Writer Gut,

I am concerned, you write of Sean Penn and Ted Kennedy on the same day. Things must be hard right now, being the "season" and all that. Could be that English food, find some Thai food and switch to tequila.

Showing a photo of Ted is abusive.
By gg
sorry DV - it was a default joke and Teddy Kennedy is always available for abuse.

I can't eat Thai food because it destroys me for at least four hours following digestion - and tequila is worse than narcotics. Or is it better? i can never remember. And yes, the holidays are tough on me - being a supermarket Santa takes its toll. But at least I get to keep the hat.
By Rhodium Heart
Let me understand this The man was "transformed" from a state of marital happiness into one who would be "frolicking with a prostitute" and "using pornography." I guess the thinking was that this money should allow him to return to a pre-accident state of happiness, by allowing him to buy a higher grade of whore and porn.
By Hootie -Blowfish
If Ted got hit on the head and suddenly thought he was a Mormon who vomited at the idea of having the "Kennedy Family Breakfast" of 4 BK Enormous Omelet Sandwiches and a fifth of Old Granddad, would this be considered a disability?
By death valley
Everyone is missing the point, which is:

The guy is a devote Christian, pornography and infidelity

is what they are best at. A recent (voluntary) poll of American preachers showed that most of them... can't remember the specific percentage... had a problem with pornography.

Folks don't seem to get that the more we suppress something, the more it pops up (cereally, no pun intended.... 'til now).
By FreakyBoy
The Daily Mail never reveals the religious affiliation of terrorists, but a horny fornicator is immediately identified as a "committed Christian".

By Dr. Morbius
Which just goes to show that a good Christian is a horny Christian... making Babies for Jesus! Heck yes!!!
By Dr. Morbius
Oh, and I was going to make a comment about not needing to reveal the religious affiliation of terrorists... but then I remembered you Brits had to deal with the IRA for a few decades.

Speaking of which, does that seem to be a genuine peace, or just one borne of exhaustion that will break down after another generation? We don't hear much about it any more on this side of the pond...
By Scribbler
Ted Kennedy? I thought it was a picture of Mr Incredible!

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