12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By levy
this new law is only in england, right?
By Bosco
I think this points out the need for a "National Creep List". Something separate from the sex offender list. It might work like a credit score. So if you get caught stealing underwear, your creep index score goes up 100 points for 7 years. If you get caught whacking it in the bathroom at a public library, your creep index score goes up 200 points for 7 years.
By Bosco
If you get caught buggering a chihuahua, your name gets legally changed to Paris Hilton. Then we save the sex offender registry for the real sickos. Perhaps when someone runs for Congress, the papers would run their creep index. That way we can ensure that the page program has enough pedophiles to go around.
By tacklebags
What about the people who hang their drawers outside for everyone to see? Shouldn't they share some of the blame? I think they're asking for it.

By Frosty Beverage
Anyone who steals my undies is already getting what they deserve.
By sean penn's testicle
Tacklebags, it's that type of "blaming the victim" attitude that makes it hard for people to come forward to the authorities about their stolen underwear. Which is why I am all for it.
By MIke
I feel a great disturbance in the Force. As if million of panty-raiding frat boys suddenly cried out in terror. And were suddenly silenced -- likely passing out from drink.

Seriously, I guess this belong in the "we're doing such a bang-up job rounding up the real criminals, we can bother with this stuff.
By More Pretentious than Sting!
Y'know, if everybody's on the registered sex offender list, then no one is.

Just sayin'.

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