12:26pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Jeff Woehrle
Hell, with those boobs I'd give her three chances.
By poeky

"I honor kill myself!

"Beheading, beheading 1, 2, 3!"

Best two lines this batch.
By death valley
Hell... it makes me hungrey for steamed pork buns... well, to be truthful, it makes me want to slather her body in congealed

pork grease and...

It's just that a woman who knows what she needs and can express it excites me greatly.
By Anita Drink
Oooh, Death, baby. I know I need a shot of penicillin. Come to Momma.
By London Supereight
I'm sorry. I'm laughing at the "thin-wah" declared against Nicole Ritchie.

(P.S.: her old man Lionel's plastic surgery isn't nearly as bad as Smokey Robinson's)
By death valley
Oh, gosh Anita! Now I'm feelin' like Anita Drink... transference I guess. I want you in nothing but thigh-highs

and stilletos, under your burqa (say your prayers first)
By Joey Ponch'
There's just too many gems in this one to mention! Holy god, that's funny!

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