12:28pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Jeff Woehrle
Unintentional suicide comes to mind. Death by mountain, if you will. As you said, certainly no more tragic than death by walking across street. I just feel honored as a US taxpayer to be able to fund these heroic acts of rescue for those bent on personal destruction.
By Scribbler
The irony here is that should either of the remaining climbers be found alive, the media will immediately label them "heroes". Whilst the real heroes, the rescue workers, will get the briefest of acknowledgements.

By crunch
this looks like a case of natural selection to me. it is december
By chococat
Mountains!? Whats wrong with getting drunk and stealing barstools?..much nicer hobby.
By Danny DeVito
I'll tell you what's wrong with it, you can't dig a barstool cave, although lord knows I've tried.
By Occurrence
This is the equivalent of Britney Spears making headlines across the nation. This isn`t news, it`s an occurrence, and while it is a sad occurrence things like this happen to people who do these types of activities Bear in mind, someone will probably receive a Pulitzer for their reporting of these events. In the meantime actual news stories having to do with things that matter such as the economy, ...
By Occurrence
war, and other socio-political issues are left on the sidelines because they aren`t exciting enough. The sad fact is that this is a novelty piece about human survival, I seem to recall quite a few of these. As a matter of fact I remember sending a dollar to the family that was lost in the mid-west back in the early 90`s. Likewise, there was also the one about the mountain climber who got stuck un...
By Occurrence
der a rock. At some point in time this will be picked up and a movie will be made, until then it`s headline news. And while it`s interesting, I think I`m going to go read up on Westinghouse building 5 Nuclear Reactors in China, a country that happens to be N. Korea`s closest ally, and supporter. It seems like there may be a conflict of interest there, but that might just be me....Oh, no, wait. Trump...
By Occurrence
just gave Miss USA a second chance...Awwww.

By Crevasse Troll
If they read the weather report before they started up then it was intentional suicide. If you must die falling into a crack make it a warm one.
By sal m
if they didn't read the weather report before they started up than they are stupid...either way i don't care.

and when others suffer some unfortunate fate i like to say, "hey, i'm fine."
By Bosco
Great take! Much better than O'Reilly's last night. Geez, his ratings must be slowly slipping to Lou Dobbs or something. Why can't we just close the mountain? Unreal. To go totally Dobbsian, he'd only need to blame it on the Chinese and illegal aliens. Just when you really appreciate him, like his interviews in Iraq, he finds some way to prove that he needs Viagra to stand up.
By Radish
The good news is that all the glaciers are melting, so their crevasses will no longer pose a threat to unsuspecting hikers. Fire up Al Gore's private jet! We need to burn more carbon to speed up the melt!
This is indeed a sad event, and the families must be devistated, to this we all agree and understand.

WHY OH WHY is there not a MANDITORY BOND proceedure levied on all such risky endeavors, that in the event of a CRASH, as in this case, there is some compensation to the tax payer for the costs of these massive searches?????
By mountain patrol
Early news stories reported the three climbers did get a weather report, but they decided to go because they'd spent so long planning the trip. They knew the risk.

They put themselves and their rescuers in grave danger. They took a calculated risk, and their families will pay for it the rest of their lives.
By Redneckian
Remember to chew that carrot! Choking them down just leads to heartache.....or death!
By Walkndude
At the very least, mountain climbers should be fitted with a GPS device. This technology would help determine their location to within 30 feet or so. It sure beats being discovered by some future generation..
By sal m
maybe legislators can mandate that all climbers must not only not eat trans fats but they must be implanted with a GPS device...after all, it's for their own good!
By Dr. Morbius
Actually, I would prefer getting found several thousand years from now, frozen solid like a nicely preserved Stouffer's Stuffed Green Pepper, all ready for dozens of anthropologists to make careers out of arguing over who I was, where I came from, WTF I was doing up there in that godforsaken wilderness when I could have been home all snug and warm, etc, etc.

Consider it a form of immortality...
I think it was Edmund Hillary who said, when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest, "Because it's there." The same can be said about Mt. Hood. Of course it is there. It was there a year ago. It will be there next year. It will be there a thousand years from now. So why not wait and pick a nice warm sunny day in July to climb it?
By Rhodium Heart
Amen. And a round of "amens" to just about all of the comments on this thread.
By sal m
is that the sir edmund hillary that sir hillary clinton was named after, before she realized she was born before he climbed mount everest...and then changed her story?
By G. Scott
Are there any Rock Stars whos lyrics we can blame? Or maybe they fell off a ladder at work and turned into crazed mountain climbers. How many state agencies will Gloria Alred sue?
By Dr. Morbius
Blame a rock/rap/whatevah star? That should be doable; let's call up Mrs. Al Gore and ask her, she'll know who to finger for this atrocity...

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