12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By BOB Thompson, of Thompson Party Balloons
i never should have screwed that hot clown last year. Imagine the bills I'll have to pay just for floppy shoes alone.
By antichrist
I like your gay march to mecca idea. That will teach those saudi's to not fly airplanes into america's buildings. Most evil in the world today can be traced back to mecca, including bush.

Since your guys don't believe in evolution, how come gut seems so much like a monkey on tv?
By Chip
Hey antichrist, where've you been? Did you actually get a job? Isn't it getting in the way of your 24/7 gutfeld-watch? (But seriously, congratulations on today's post. You're doing really important work!).
By antichrist
Hey chip, it is fans like you that keep me going.
By antichrist
does anyone know if it's okay to mix antidepressants with nyquil?
By Nilbog
By antichrist
my barbie has such pretty hair. I wish I had pretty hair.
By Ken
Dude, that ad is at least six months old. Either way, I think you should bring that kid to Mega Mecca March
By Chip
Hey antichrist, do you actually consider what you do, "going"? You are not "going" anywhere. If you're not confined to your home for some reason, let me be the one to tell you: You are an incredible loser. Find something to do with your life.
By antichrist
Hi chip, that is what the huffpo commenters keep saying to gut. Please address all comments to the next post, as i have moved my base of operations there.

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