12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Time

Time is on his side?

By Jeff Woehrle
What liberal media?
Time feeds the jews to the crocodile so they get eaten last.
By G. Scott
Introducing the next Secretary-General of the United Nations..

Betcha Hugo Chavez feels a bit snubbed. After that Satan speech he was sure he had "Global Everyman" locked up.
By Hootie -Blowfish
He's Bush in the parallel universe. Send Shatner over to Iran to kick his ass.
By J. McHue
Nice catch. So how far up his buttcrack do you think their noses were in order to come up with that barf-inducing piece of tripe?
By rb
levy, since you caught that - - Time actually took it down, and changed it! nice one.
By Nilbog
its just some typographical and editing errors. Should have read:

"Champion of the disposessed of sanity, global Everymartyr"

You guys always jump to conclusions by assuming the press means what they say. C'mon, deconstruct before you think people.
By squidbobangrypants
Is John Kerry writing bios now?
By Bosco
He could still win "small penis of the year". There's still time...
By Jeff Spicoli
Dude, get a clue: it's like "harshed my buzz" (People on 'ludes should not post...)
By Sparky
Did anybody bother to read the actual interview? The questions were absolute softballs. First question: "Why did you write your recent letter to the American people?" The next three questions were all variations on "Will you have a dialogue with the U.S.?" Nice to see Time reporters moonlighting as PR flacks for insane Islamist dictators.

By Sparky
And here is the one question regarding the Holocaust conference:

"You've just held a conference questioning the Holocaust. Why not hold a peace conference instead? You could invite the Israelis and Palestinians to talk about peace instead of what happened 60 years ago."

After all, who better to broker peace in Israel than a Holocaust denier who has vowed to wipe Israel off the map?
By levy
rb - thanks for the tip! you've officially been h/t'ed!

sparky - you couldn't be more right - the actual interview was a total joke.

squidbobangrypants - good one!
By fmragtops
Levy, you sneaky bastard! I've been looking for you over yonder, and I've got to find out from LGF you're here! I see how you treat your peeps that have been reading you since blogsnot. I'm going to get really drink and cry. Not that I'm that hurt, that's just what I do on Mondays.
By daylate
A little more patience, please. This "useful" idiot will step down from his foot stool one day, and unless(and they proably are)the outland voting is "irregular", the young students are on the move. There can and will be another revolution in Iran, it's the country's only chance to exist. Many realize this already.
By Howard Roark
It is time for everyone to cancel their subscription to Time Magazine. Let's teach this anti-semites and traitors a lesson. Let these Communist and Islamic jihad sympatyhizers learn to eat the garbage they spew in the pages of their magazine. They are the lowest scum on the earth.

It is time for the President to start throwing these traitors in prison.

Don't tread on me.
By levy
having trouble with the new building, hr?
By not even dhimmi
The Big misunderstanding of the west and the east:

plitical figures in islamic countries

(they are all under commands of religious leaders)

First shariah and quran rest of it is:


By not even dhimmi
Jewish community asked twice in the history the king of

morocco: could we build a bath ?

His majesty and the commander of the believers asked

the mufties: could they ... and mufties told NO,

so the King said no to jews

Think about it

By Upwardly Mobile
Looks like the Chinese toy aficionado wasn't quite ready for "Web 2.0".

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