12:26pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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TIME PICKS YOU AS PERSON OF THE YEAR (Time still exists, no?)

By Alec Baldwin's 3rd chin
Time also should win the award for 'most vile toadying of old media to new media to make it look like we are still somehow leading the debate even though no one who created the online content that we celebrate actually knows who we are' - or the TOADY for short.
By Thank You TIME!
Dear Time magazine,

While I am flattered at the prestigious award I have received today, I am overwhelmed by feelings of oh...what`s the word...nausea. Yes, that`s it. Time, novelty has it purposes, those purposes are generally passed for articles in your magazine, I know this because I read on both sides of the party line. That`s why when you gave Planet Earth the award, it didn`t bother me, nor wa...
By Thank You TIME!
s I too surprised when you called Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "[A] Champion of the dispossessed, global Everyman [...A] polarizing leader in the Middle East". But Time, seriously, you`ve got some stones on you to drag everyone into your filthy little circle. It`s almost as if you just decided to not put forth the effort of justifying why Kim Jong Il should`ve made the list, or even , oh I don`t know, Adolf...
By Thank You TIME!
Adolf Hitler, oh wait you already got him in your 1938 Man of The Year issue. You know I wonder if there was egg on your face when 1945 and later came around. Somehow I doubt it, considering your words about ol` Mahmoud in your most current issue. Although, you seem pretty bent on blasting Mel Gibson for saying the same things. Did someone forget that history doesn`t start when you wake up, but th...
By Thank You TIME!
at it`s one of those perpetual things that just keeps going even when you`re asleep? Aww Time, don`t look so sad. Really, it isn`t all that bad, after all plenty of fantastic individuals have graced the cover for Person of The Year, just off the top of my head: Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden, Joseph Stalin oh there was also the Generation 25 and Under, I believe that was in 1966. Oh, I`m sorr...
By Thank You TIME!
sorry did that list not cheer you up? Well, okay how`s this The American soldier in 2003, you guys hit the spot with that one. Oh, but wait, you were pretty quick to adjust your sentiments with articles like: Has the war in Iraq helped or hindered the fight against al-Qaeda terrorism? Or, this one was one of my favorites: "The Lone Ranger" this was in reference to G.W. Bush, that was the cover f...
By Thank You TIME!
or November 2006, remember? No, well, it`s pretty hard to recall those minor little details, I mean after all you`re only the magazine that published them. So Time here is the deal, please leave me be. If I want to change the world, I`ll do it. Probably not through mass genocide, or blowing up innocent people, but in my own small way. I`ll contribute to charities, defend freedom of speech, and sta...
By Thank You TIME!
nd up for those who are weaker. But, that is my own business and none of yours. So, save the creative garbage and just let me live my life. Go take a picture of the Blind Sheik after all he`s almost dead, time is running out, you might want to get him for next year`s cover.

By sven
I just want to say, thank you to Time, and to all the people who have been there for me, without which this would never have been possible. My incredible support staff--my computer, my modem, my keyboard--you're all just the best. Um, thanks to Ben Franklin for the whole electricity thing. Oh! I almost forgot--Bush is Satan. Thanks again. Good night!
By Rhodium Heart
It shouldn't have been "you." It shoulda been 'me."
By Hootie -Blowfish
Hey, Greg, if you are going to take shots at a/c and Hector, ie., the "gutless dehumanizers" and "crotch-fondling hermits", call them out by name like the rest of us do! Take it away, Mrs Sugartits!
By Oh dear
"I also think the web has actually harmed our country by creating a nation of online paper tigers - people who spend their time dehumanizing each other, because it's easier than having a conversation."

The irony, Greg. Oh the irony.

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