12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the newsbusters

David, Jimmy; Jimmy, David

By terrence
By Jeff Woehrle
Personally, I don't believe there is a CNN.
By mike
Iranian conference reality show ...

The earth is really flat

How to remain a virgin in heaven

Kewl small rocks that float (appologies to Monty python)

etc. etc.
By Stoshu
You avid Duke by singing the dreadle song over and over very loudly with your fingers in your ears.

I think you should have let a non-semite answer this. Your bias is showing like a freudian slip.

By Jeff Woehrle
I find Freud in lingerie disturbing.
By Dr. Morbius
On a side note, Jimmuh is now refusing to debate Alan Dershowitz at Brandeis because "There is no need ... to debate somebody who, in my opinion, knows nothing about the situation in Palestine."

Waiter, I'd like another cuppa Smug Arrogance with a double shot of Contempt For Anyone Who Disagrees With Me... and don't forget the whipped cream this time, dammit!
By Dr. Morbius
Jeff, that was a mental image I could have done without.

Now I gotta go find some Brain Bleach....
By death valley
I mean, for Chist's sake, If one is in heaven, why would

one be concerned with being a virgin?

Although we may have divergent views on what exactly heaven is.

There is a certain smell that I think is heavenly.

By antichrist
Hey levy, is this an example of you bashing the right instead of the left. Your easy choice indicates your biases, even though you claim otherwise.

Even so, I thought duke made his point remarkably well, and I'm not sure why you are freaking out about what you quoted. Freak.
By dan
As much as I like GG- there is no waaaaaay 6 million jews were killed in the Holocaust. Maybe 600K but not 6 million- that's becoming obvious. Don't get me wrong it's a tragedy, I just wish people wouldn;t lie about it.
By Spokesperson for Zionism
*** For Immediate Release ***

We here at the Zionist Conspiracy(tm) are profoundly embarrassed for misleading everybody for the last 61 years.

We were tripped up by sharp-eyed "dan" posting at "The Daily Gut." His keen research and statistical analysis revealed that only 10% of our publicized figure 6 million Jews were actually killed during the "so called" Holocaust.

We're sorry. Our ...
By Spokesperson for Zionism
By G. Scott
You are so sued!
By daylate
This was an "information extracting" conference by Iran. They learned, in the back rooms, while the sheep babbled around a table looking for scraps to take back. The Holacaust did exist and the President of Iran knows it, just as all the other anti-semites/anti-Zionists pretend otherwise. Israel will exist long after that mariontette is reduced to ashes and cast into the desert winds.

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