12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Kafka
Alec might have a good idea re; the CIA. It has deteriorated so much that it is interfering in domestic politics (i.e. all the leaks to embarrass Bush).

Why not divide the CIA into a special ops division and an intelligence gathering division? The special ops could consist of guys who will actually get something done. It would a chance to get rid of dead wood in the CIA.
By Jim Treacher
Reminds me of: Somebody Should Do Something About All the Problems
By Jim Treacher
By Bosco
Do you know who he is?
By Bosco
Live blogging the H&C appearance...

1. Gut changes it up on Combs. Calls Alec Baldwin like your gay uncle. Says Alec is scared of intelligence, suggests Film Actor's Guild as replacement.
By Bosco
2. Hannity calls Baldwin unhinged.

3. Hannity calls Baldwin a low-life. Gutfield calls liberals bankrupt, bags on Huffington Post. If you don't have anything positive to say, then you act like Gay Uncle Alec.

4. Gutfield says liberals make fun of dead people and are ... Combs goes to commercial.

Good job Gutman!!! Get them to write "media whore" under you when you're on screen next time!!
good blogging bosco!
By Hootie -Blowfish
I think Good Blogging Bosco was the band at Homecoming my senior year
By The Virginian
What I'd like to know is why Alec Baldwin's comments are even a story. If I want to learn how to be an actor, I might consider what he has to say. But if I want to hear somebody's opinion on politics or national security, I would want to hear from somebody whose life's work is keeping up to date, researching developing current events, evaluating them against lessons from history, and so on.
By The Virginian
Alec Baldwin has as much credibility when discussing the effectiveness of the CIA as the next door neighbor. Who cares what he has to say? I wish the media would completely ignore the Film Actors Guild so that the actors can concentrate on making good movies. Heaven forbid Hollywood comes out with a good movie...
By Alec Baldwin's 2nd Chin
What did that ass say now?
By Alec Baldwin's 3rd chin
he made fun of jeanne kirkpatrick and said we should abolish the CIA. It was hard to hear, though, because I was covered with pastry
By Emily
Alec Baldwin once played a CIA agent in a movie. I think that makes him qualified. Sort of. Okay, not really, but he probably thinks so.
By Damian P.
Say what you like about Baldwin, the man is absolutely brilliant on 30 Rock.
By Bosco
Ah, this reminds me of how we justified Reagan back in the day. "Say what you want about Reagan, the man was absolutely brilliant in Bedtime for Bonzo.
By Tommy
Poor gutty, is he a bitter also-ran or what? Why the diss on HuffPo, Gg, or did Arianna send you packing like everyone else does? Maybe it's the fact that the comments on huffpo dredged up your failures in the past that you'd rather not have the world know about?

Either way, you're just a 'hater', gg. But I guess as long as you get your mug on TV, your mum thinks your a success, eh?
By lizard boy
I liked him in Blackadder.
By daylate
IMO he wears adult diapers since he's always crying. And might need changing and he suffers from a bad case of diaper rash. He should move to Fijid; a nice place for him. He could drop his pants, walk naked, and cure that "red ass" rash that apparently gives him no relief. Itch...bitch...scratch...itch...bitch.

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