12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By antichrist
You show you stupid face for this? Perhaps you should resign.
By antichrist
Oops! My typo! I mean:

You showr your stupid face for this? Perhaps you should resign.

(I had spelled "your" as "you" -- well, not actually spelled it that way. It was a typo. Anyway NOW IT IS CORRECTED. So now it is funny! Right?)

By antichrist
OH DARN! I spelled "show" with an "r" at the end! It was another typo!

So. Let me take it from the top.

You show your face for this? You should resign.

Good, huh?
By antichrist
No. Wait. Insert a "perhaps" in there, in front of the second (or third, if you count the typo one) "your". Then it will read perfectly. It's my best joke.
By antichrist
I think I may have the "you" and the "your" words mixed up.
By Darnell The Dolphin
eeeeeee Antichrist ee-eeeeee Retard eeeeeee
By clem
welcome back, Darnell!
By kaiserD
oh sweet jesus...

y'all think ac is sufficiently embarrassed not to return here for awhile?

no! that goofy fucker has no shame!
By sadbunny
antichrist's manic postings are worth getting the response from Darnell. Darnell needs his own blog. Perhaps he can be a more frequent guest here, whaddya say, Greg?
By gg
Darnell, being a dolphin, is very busy performing tricks at Seaworld. However, like most seasoned performers, he has a price. I will look into it, and get back to you.
By Really Tall Chinaman
Dornerr Dorphin eat-a prastic shard!

Herp! HERP! Somebordy get-a me raytex gruves!

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