12:28pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By ClydeS
Dude looks like Spock doing the Vulcan mind meld. Only with cetaceans, and their stomachs instead of their minds.

Live long and prosper, dolphins!
By Jeff Woehrle
Good for the dolphins that they didn't need enemas.
By Flipper
That plastic they use around dolphin pools at aquariums is simply to die for - tart, but not presumptuous with a smooth fruit finish with hints of oak and chocolate. Don't knock it 'till you've tried Gut, you anti-cetaceate bastard.
By Dorian Parisi
I have to agree with Gut this story is truely awesome
By Fido
Can we stop with the "dolphins are the smartest animals next to man" claptrap? If I eat the stray plastic shard, I have the good sense to vomit it up, along with whatever else is in my stomach, then clean up after myself. I don't need Yao Ming's grandpappy to shove is arm down my throat. Although his humerous does look tasty.
By Laconic
"Get Bao Xishun!"

It's like the plot of a Donald P. Bellisarius TV movie.
By Omar
They didn't mention that the guy's a urologist.
By sherlock
"They didn't mention that the guy's a urologist."

Well, THERE'S your problem right there, isn't it, you idiots?!

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