12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By death valley
Not only are prostitutes amenable to above but, In a profile of who does what to whom killing a prostitute is a morally appropriate deed. The killer feels a certain kinked spiritual attainment (way of the redeamer sort of thing).

I just can't appreciate his efforts.

By greg's mom
there is one connection. during the AC killings in america, gutfeld was living in the US. during the Ipswich killings in england, he was living in the UK. am i the only one who has noticed this eerie coincidence?
By Murdered Hooker
It's OK. I hated myself anyway.
By ClydeS
They named a river after George Orwell? Way cool! I wonder if that's where the BBC's Ministry of Truth is located?
By Some Random Guy
That's true, Greg's Mom. AC hasn't posted here in a while...
By Omar
Now that you mention it, AC (interesting initials, wot?) has been gone...and the police are looking for a fat guy in a BMW...

Anyway, I give it another 72 hours before we learn this is Bush's fault.
By Nilbog
Daily Mail headline: "Desperate police admit strangler is out of control."

Question: How many hookers can someone strangle without being considered out of control? A friend needs to know.

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