12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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TEACHER SLEEPS WITH STUDENT (and, again, why is this a problem?)

By antichrist
Isn't that what wee-danny boyles was doing to you in the front seat of your car. Has he manned you up yet?
By Sparky
The problem is fairness. Teachers only sleep with jocks or the pretty boys. What about the "husky" boys or the ones with bad fashion sense or B.O.? (You know what I'm talking about, right, Gut?) If you're going to sleep with one kid, then you have to sleep with all of them.
By antichrist
Tom delay's new website won't post my comments. Could you have a talk with him gut, or perhaps send wee-danny over to suck his cock.
By Biggus Dickus
Gutster, you're the best!

Never had one in school, either, but have known a few since. Best opportunity: teachers at American schools overseas.
By Biggus Dickus
Gutster, you're the best!

Never had that chance in school but have met a few since. Best opportunity: teachers at American schools overseas; e.g; Mildenhall et al.
By kaiserD
antichrist was buggered by his 63 year-old gym teacher. gym teacher said, "antichrist, how old are you son?" ac said, "15, sir." gym teacher said, "old enough. let's ride! i promise i won't make you do any more push-ups or get undressed in front of the other kids ever again if you let me put it in your pooper!" ac said, "ok, sir!"

By kaiserD
after it was all done, gym teacher said "psych! antichrist, drop and give me 20! and then go get dressed with the other kids! and by the way, you're a goddamned pussy!"

that's how antichrist lost his virginity.
By Bosco
Gutman, this is an old, stale take, which doesn't make it untrue, just unoriginal. Although the twist you added at the end is a little clever. If you want an original take on this, you have to steer it toward, "obviously this is happening all the time, but this slut was stupid enough to get caught.". That's how you get on Gretta to discuss this epidemic. Please give a shout out to Bosco...
By tony adams
the part that was original was that Gut's old teachers smelled of "stale, ribbon candy". All old people smell of something stale - my grandmother and her friends would bring a waft of piss and biscuits into the room
By death valley
Many reponses to this. It appears that you haves cranked the

wanker of many who are frozen in adolescent angst...

myself included. It's that older woman thing... I mean it only works when the older woman is under 45 or 50, or so...

The 'or so' seems to keep staying out ahead of us as we creep up in age. But dammit, I have to draw the line at 55, at least for now.

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