12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By daylate
Users and abusers go hand in glove. No one ever seems to learn.
By joe
my favorite serial killer was the one in Dirty Harry. I love that actor - andrew robinson. he was the best maniac ever. Does anyone know what happened to him?
By ClydeS
Is it just me, or does the sketch of the suspect look kinda like Saddam Hussein? Maybe the Ripper is more of a Ramadan-spree killer than a Christmas-spree killer, just exercising his cultural prerogatives in a multicultural way?
By harold
clydeS, if that's the case - then you have absolutely no right to object. The most important character trait above all is tolerance- even if the practice you must tolerate involves killing or mutilating women. This is why NOW never raised a voice about the Taliban! or the Sudan! or Iran! It just isn't right to judge other cultures, frankly.
By sal m
since hannukah - or is it chaunakah? - starts friday night, why isn't this person being considered as a pre-haunnkah serial killer? and then there's kwansah right around the corner, so this could be a pre-kwahsah killing spree, no?

and i hear the pope is upset over the british police's apparent violation of the the citizenry's civil rights in the investigation of these killings.
By Kev
Dave is in fact 'ripper material'

That I can assure you. He smells like one.
By Sparky
I can't get over the fact there is a 29-year-old hooker in all of this. Do you have any idea how skanky that must be? And probably with a child at home and another on the way. Clearly this was a mercy killing. If a doctor supervised it, it would have been sanctioned by the state.
By Nilbog
Now you limeys are probably gonna blame it on Uncle Sam:


No mere Ipswichicle could pull off 5 ritualistic killings in 11 days plus 4 more on another continent. U - S - A ! U -S - A !
By tony adams
i'm confused. the Ipswichicle is not a ripper at all. turns out he's more of a Strangler or Asphixiator, which unfortunately for all concerned is a registered trademark of Six Flags.
By John Dough
I thought a "chipwich" involved potato chips between two peices of bread....

I feel like Randal in "Clerks II," who was unaware that "porch monkey" was a racial slur because his grandmother called him that as child.

What were we talking about again?
By sal m
the latest is that the police are looking for a fat man wearing glasses driving a BMW...no offense greg, but what are you driving these days?
By Dr. Morbius
"if you are the killer, please contact us. You have a serious problem. We can deal with this together."

I'd like to believe you are just kidding, and that the above quote is some sort of sick joke, but somehow I doubt it...
By Dr. Morbius
As for Andrew Robinson, he's kept busy over the years doing guest shots on TV, but I know him best as Elim Garak, the secret-policeman-turned-tailor on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a character that was one of the most complex & interesting on a show full of good characters...

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