12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By O-Qua Tangin Wann
If I had been on that flight or seen any of that Muslim nonsense I would have been scared out of my mind! Is that bad?
By darren ssssss
no. now take off your dress and come over here you scamp!
By Rhodium Heart
If (when) USAirways caves and gives into the extortion demands of these terror-death-fetishist freakjobs, I do hope everyone who gives a rats patootie about legitimate airline security boycotts USAir forever (or until receipt of the aforementioned 72 virgin raisins).

We are going to get to the point where Muslims (and only Muslims) are exempt from going through intense airport scrutiny/security.
By Nilbog
"Patootie" !? Watch your language, motherfucker! This is a rated G site and we won't put up with any shit talk like that, asshole.
By daylate
From their crazy antics, they sound like a Muslim version of the Marx brothers ad libbing a scene.
By kaiserD
what does that have to do with "King of the Hill"?
By Hootie -Blowfish
I'm not from the ocean, I'm Laotian, dum dum
By kaiserD
"so...are you chinese or japanese?"

thanks Hootie, you're awesome! and i agree with you, antichrist is a pussy.
By antichrist
Thailand is much better than Laos.

"sodomizing young boys" = "crazy delicious"

By Biggus Dickus
So, where does Naomi Campbell fit into the imam picture? Not one of the thirty, I don't suspect . . .
By death valley
In these times of religious intolerance I feel that it is our duty to make these fellows feel at home while travelling.

Before any flights that they take we should require that they be circumsiced, have their tongues cut out, and give them a choice between being hanged or having their heads cut off.

But, the PC crowd will probably fluff their prayer rugs.
By FElix
thats iman
By Mart

extra credit for the Clash refrence.

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