12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the washington post

Just cuz it's in the name of the committee doesn't mean it's in the job description!

By antichrist
It's because he is a texan. I see you decided to take on the left for this post.
By Caspian
Gut.....get a grip. The management of the Times is old news. What is sad is that the majority of the people that still read newspapers would not understand the point of the interview. Now get some sleep./
By Silvestre Reyes
Wait, Sunnis are the ones with the dots on their foreheads, right?
By Bill Keller
Let them piss cake.
By Jeff Woehrle
I know for a fact that the Sunnis are responsible for all that shit happening on the Sun today. Sun = Sunnis. God, do I have to explain EVERYTHING?

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