12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By antichrist
Good work gut! You just found the flaw in taliban behaviour. I know you have been looking long and hard and now your work has paid off.
By John Dough

Is antichrist a lymie?

Is this still more evidence that Gwen Paltrow was right?
By kaiserD
"lol rofl sum retard calls himself antichrist just try to join our local group. he come wearing burka asking where we keep goats. 20 minutes later he come back, burka on backwards. for fun we give him rifle; i shit you not within 5 minutes he shoots himself in foot! then screams like jew woman."
By kaiserD
"he now sits in corner to put on wound spiced hummus we give him. more rofl! what a dipshit. we keep him around awhile for comic relief. then we kill him!"
By Texas Jack
I'm certainly glad the UK media decided to release this tidbit. It makes it soooo much easier to spread disinformation when the fact you are doing it gets splashed on the headlines. Jolly intelligent, wot?
By Jeff Woehrle
Only a matter of time before Al Jazerra and CNN broadcast live updates of our troop movements. Wait, I guess they already do that! Better find another way to fuck over the good guys. We will win this war. Despite the best efforts of those on our side...
By Texas Jack
It might help if we would decide on an actual strategy. Occupy them (see Japan, 1945) or liberate them (see France, 1944) -- we seem to be stuck in the middle of these diametrically opposed strategies, while trying to ram democracy down the throats of a bunch of camel fuckers who don't want it.
By kaiserD
sorry TJ, you're totally wrong. the majority of them want democracy, the same as you and i, and it's not being rammed down their throat. all it takes is a minority of hyper-violent, hyper-irrational cowardly thugs to fuck things up. that's what's happening. that's why it's a war; a serious fucking war. we're not trying to occupy, we're there to liberate.
By kaiserD
and we've got to see it thru.
By antichrist
Hey kaiserD, you are so gullible. Even real conservatives don't believe that anymore. Gut's war on iraqi's is about filling bush and comrades pocket's with money, and it worked big time. Gut only got a penny, but that's the way bush is.

Iraqi's don't even know what democracy is. They want which ever dictator who supports their religion to be in power. That's the way religious freaks are.
By Mohammed in Pictures
Hey! I got a message just like that last night and I'm not even Talibani. Word!
By antichrist
Uh, has anyone seen a small container of pills? I seem to have misplaced my medication.

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