12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the LISTEN TO ME I TELL YOU!


By shazza
Afifah - thank allah you have returned.
By omar
i love your eyes.
By antichrist
I'm gonna have to object to that bitch geting a sidebar on this site. She is incoherent, and i cannot read more that a few words of her crap, before i realize that i don't know what the fuck she saying. I know gut has been mentoring her, but she sucks, and it is time he cut her loose. Maybe get the "jaw" back, she was much better.
By failed shoe bomber
blah blah blah...aunti hates it because he doesn't understand it. how old are you really? if you don't know what the fuck she is saying, look in the mirror pal!
By afifah
Dear Messiah Who Is Always Negative,

I am only wishing that all-busy Allah was having of the time to perform The Ritual Of The Causing Of The Secret Wart or some such thing. But He is telling me that this would not be of the fair to your goat!

Also He is telling me you are naming this most special goat after the Jew Gutfeld!

You are so not akhbar.


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