12:28pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By kaiserD
Steve Carell is no Ricky Gervais; but he's just as funny, i think. the thing is that being a huge fan of the original bbc "The Office", ricky's portrayal of david brent will always be the shit. legendary. unsurpassable.

By kaiserD
Soccer hooligans have a reason to be more civilized than Raiders fans- i think it would behoove the Raider ation to make a trip to Guyana and do the Jim Jones thing, with Al Davis, and take the team with them...

Go Broncos!
By kaiserD
Raider Nation, that is.
By levy
as a resident of raider nation i couldn't agree more.
By Hector
So levy, being a good jew that you are, do you actually charge gutless for offering your sophmoric scribblings that won't get published anywhere else, or like every other failed wannabe who writes here, do you do it, you know, for free? Because at Glob media it's all about the love, because they don't have two subway tokens to rub together unless they mooch off their spouses, again...
By Paul Winston
They may surpass us in their ability to use the apostrophe consistently (limeys/limey's).
By kaiserD
wow, another cowardly piece-of-shit comes out of the woodwork...
By sadbunny
Amazing. I thought no one could say anything more juvenile and ill-educated than antichrist. And then . . . Hector. What a perfect storm of bizarre, anti-semitic, incoherent yet offensive rambling.
By Dorian
I can agree to most of the list but no way are hooligans more civilized then raider fans. And Stever Carrell is as good as Ricky Gervais just not in the office.
By Hootie -Blowfish
I am losing respect for Gut, since it seems like the only enemies he has managed to make in his time are morons like Hector and a/c
By Achilles
Hector - shut the fuck up before I lamp you one.
By kaiserD
actually, i think that the fact the only detractors gg and levy seem to attract here are insipid asses is probably a credit to the daily gut and the quality of the posts. who wants coherent and intelligent enemies, anyway?
By That Dude
Just go to Girl News that makes everything better
By Rhodium Heart
Yeah, but the Brits have The Royal Family featuring perpetually-justa-Prince Charles and his Barbaro-lookalike contest winning spouse Camilla Parker-Bowles Mountbatten Windsor Equus. That's worth a couple of points on the America side of the ledger.
By Nilbog
I'm as big a fan of the original office as anyone, but I think Carell is just as funny as Gervaise - he's made the boss a slightly different character, but just as funny. Don't think of one as a copy or translation of the other. They both stand on their own merits. Dwight is funnier than Gareth and the other characters are much more developed in the US Office.
By Kafka
Dwight is hilarious but not as funny as Gareth.

Gervaise invented the genre, he is the genius. Carell is a real funny guy who is riffing on the original idea invented by Gervaise.
By levy
what kafka said. i like the office US, but i LOVE the office UK.

oh, hector - i do it, you know, for the sheer joy of outing the occasional antisemite POS like you!

by the way, what's a "failed wannabee"? someone who wasn't able to be a wannabee?
By squeaky fish
Let's be honest, we're thankful for The Office US but it isn't that good
By tony adams
Gwyneth Paltrow American? Who would have known, as her English accent is exquisite in the remarkable Sliding Doors.
By crane
I LOVE THE UK VERSION. But the US version, although not as all-time great - is the best american show bar none. the dwight character is fantastic - as good as Garth. Carroll is different from gervais - the same way american bosses are different from UK bosses. and remember - there were only 12 episodes of the UK series. which is why it's so damn perfect.
By kaiserD
David: Gareth... C'mon. You're a soldier, yeah? Stiff upper lip and all that! Spirit of the Dam Busters! Yeah? The squadron never dies, does it? Seen that film?

Gareth: [sniffling] Yeah... I got it on video.
By kaiserD
David: And before he goes into battle, he's playin' with his dog!

Gareth: Nigger.

David: Yeah! [abruptly, to the camera] It's not offensive. It's the dog's name. And it was the 40s, before racism was bad.

Gareth: Yeah. The dog was called Nigger.

David: Don't keep saying it.

[Gareth keeps crying]
By Laconic
I saw Stephen Merchant at LAX in August. He got away before I could tackle him--I mean, shake his hand.
By kaiserD
that googly-eyed freak.
By levy
but he doesn't have a perfectly round head..
By antichirst
My god, these comments are a painful read. Speaking of god, i'm glad gut had the good sense to get rid of that screw up. A video link once a week wasn't cutting it. I'm sure i speak for us all when saying, good riddance, and its about time.

The interesting thing about the new site "gut's unspeakable truth", is that it will be full of lies, except for my posted comments. I'm excited!
By antichrist
Comicarzy seems to have gotten better lately, you must all agree. Those british kids sure have a superior sense of humor. No one seems to comment there though, unless i start a thread. Doesn't anyone else care to show a little support? Fucking jerks.
By antichrist
Hey hector, conservative like the jews now, ever since they starting fighting the same terrorists, or at least terrorists wearing similar cloths. It's black people and woman they don't like.
By antichrist
"Butthead's House of Ridiculous Lies" is gonna replace 2 of gut's previous sites! Two of his best sites, which means it's gonna be at least as good as both of those other sites put together! It's gonna be super site, full of flashy graphics and indepth articles, and of course some unspeakable things. I just can't wait, i'm so super excited.

He treats of well, real well, so shape up you shits!!
By Lee Healey
Well thank you anti, first time i've been called a "kid" since...


Well, since I was one actually.

Though my ex-girlfriend did call me a "pathetic excuse for a man, who needs to grow up!"....

Which I think counts?
By antichrist
I meant lads, or is it laddies, or just ladies these days?

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