12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the ny post


By nelson
now that's a funny photo! the strength he has developed by packing her bags around might come in handy now.
By Texas Jack
Kudos to Vince for being 'rebound guy' for an extraordinary length of time. I know you had some serious fun, my man, but now it's time to give someone else a turn.
By Jeff Woehrle
I hear Jennifer is hooking up with Rosie O'Donnell. New celebrity pairing will be known as "LickinFur"

By Betty
I'd shag Vince. I'd shag him when it's time of the month. I'd shag his over-jennifer-awed little brain out of his large forehead. Oh, I love Vince. I have lots of money if anyone has his phone number.

By Laconic
It says something when you'd rather spend Thanksgiving in Budapest, rather than in Los Angeles with Aniston. I mean, couldn't he just not go to her house?
By Vince's publicist
Despite his diet she wanted him to have Thanksgiving with her, but he decided to go Hungary.
By Beef Bandit
Betty wants to shag Vince. Betty is a guy. Nasty twist!
By Movie star
I will never understand how she got to be a movie star, plain looks, no talent, as talented as a stuffed nose. Brad did better and so will Vince.

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