12:17pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the ny post

Thought you'd never miss me till I got a trans fat-free city address

By kaiserD
dude, Traficant was awesome. such a cartoon figure, i'm not sure he actually exists. he was perfect for the Democratic Party. esp. for Ohioan Democrats.
By kaiserD
"The essence of tyranny, journalist Christopher Hitchens writes in his latest dispatch for Vanity Fair magazine,is capricious law."

hitch has a great essay on the mayor, just can't find it now. here's a little capsule on the matter...

By antichrist
Hey levy you stupid fuck. Eggs and butter comes from chickens and cows. Trans-fat comes from the chemical industry as a way of saving money.
By kaiserD
i agree with Levy. antichrist is a pussy.
By levy
hey i love u too, anti!

i guess you were running late and missed the point - maybe you can catch the next one!
By kaiserD
yeah, right. when is THAT ever going to happen? we're talkin about the King of Irrelevancy here, The Dark Prince of Non Sequiturs, The Supreme Lord (and fellator of) Strawmen. plus, he's a pussy.
By sven
Yeah, antichrist, all in all, you really are a pussy. We know you think you're "dark" and "dangerous," but you're pure candyass.

By kaiserD
by the way, anti, eggs and butter can also come from turtles and goats. for the discriminating gourmand in you.
By Mary B.
G. K. Chesterton wrote a novel with a theme similar to Wilson's "Lippidleggin'" called "The Flying Inn." In his novel pub signs are banned and no pub can serve alcohol without a pub sign. The MP who engineered the pub sign ban is quoted as saying, "The world was made badly, and I will make it over again."
By ClydeS
Choice, shmoice! The governmnet knows what's good for you! Shut up and eat your tofu and Brussels sprouts!
What kind of an American would give up his fats!
By ReMark
Dude, I'm looking to score several ounces of some primo cooking oil...interested only in high quality, kick-ass stuff. And please, none of last year's harvest.
By Nilbog
Trans-fats are made of chemicals (which are, by definition evil). Eggs and butter on the other hand are made of ... chemicals.

Wait... I'm confused now.

Being "pro-choice" is meaningless if there's only one choice.
By antichrist
Hey levy you stupid fuck, i think you missed your own point. You are clearly stating my point.
By levy
lastly, i don't clearly state everything. that's part of my charm.

third, i don't know what your point is.

in the first place, i love ya cc!

By antichrist
Levy, please. To make your point about liberals banning this and that, you equate eggs and butter with the crap you find on your shoes when you leave a chemical plant. I don't give a shit what liberals ban, if i want it, i will get it. Most of what i want anyway is banned by conservatives, so perahps you should wake up.
By kaiserD
exactly, Levy. antichrist wants to have sex with his mother's french bulldog but the goddamn conservatives, fascists nazi worse-than-hussein bitches that they are, won't allow it.

wake up!
By sadbunny
antichrist, I'm confused. Please list, in detail, exactly what it is you want that conservatives have banned.
By antichrist
Hookers, gambling, and drugs. Good taste, common sense, and ethics.

kaiserD is my little jesus.
By kaiserD
that's terrific ac, but, as much as you want to, i don't need you to worship me. i'll let you tag along, tho, and perhaps you'll learn to aspire to more than 8th grade debauchery! not that there's anything wrong with that trifecta- i got it (mostly) out of my system awhile back. try skydiving, there's nothing like it, it's far more exciting, it's legal, and cheaper!
By lizard boy
So let me see if I've got this straight. AC wants:

hookers: Look in the phone book under "Escort Services"

gambling: Buy a lotto ticket

drugs: Look for the guy on a bicycle outside a convience store in a bad neighborhood.

good taste, common sense, and ethics: Abandon the Democratic Party
By levy
auntie - what i did was equate items which can be bought and sold with items that can be bought and sold. it doesn't matter what those items are, except in your little liberal brain. you're pissed (or pretend to be) when stuff you supposedly want is banned, but it's okay with you if stuff you DON'T want is banned. (cont.)

By levy
people like you never do understand why you're hypocrites. that's why people like me have to keep 'splainin' it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
By levy
by the way, kaiser, you're on a roll!

thank you. i'll be here all week. try the bacon and eggs - if ac's people haven't banned them!
By kaiserD
"so, mom if you please, pass me the pork roll egg 'n cheese, on a kaiser bun..."

-Ween, "Pork Roll Egg 'n' Cheese"

it really does all come together, full circle.
By antichrist
I don't give a shit what conservatives or liberals ban, i ignore their rules. You're saying you only like conservative rules, which makes you the hypocrite.
By levy
you talkin' to me?? cuz i'm pretty sure i never said that. i encourage you to show me where i did, though.

i'm pro-choice, baby - on EVERYTHING. that's what makes me a lovably wacky libertarian!
By antichrist
Hey levy, first you say you did not compare eggs and butter to chemically modified versions of the same, and then you say you did, but you didn't mean it, so it doesn't matter.

Now you critisize liberal bans, while calling me a hypocrite for critisizing conservative bans. Perhaps you should fuck off for being so stupid.
By antichrist
Other things conservative would like to ban include medical advances, higher learning, and sexual freedom.
By lizard boy
In antichrist's dreams:

Men in button-down shirts and wing-tip shoes dragging Dr. Salk down to Gitmo.

Hairy man with heavy brow and sloping forehead pulling his son from school: "Og say three year enough school."

He's Grand Marshall of the NAMBLA parade.
By antichrist
A couple of things i would like to ban are kaiserD and lizard boy. Their own painful-to-read words explain why.
By levy
auntie, you make no sense whatsoever, but i'll give this one last try. then i'm done with you. i'll even write in the third grade language you do lately: (cont.)

By levy
1. you ARE a fucking stupid hypocrite jerk for wanting to ban things you don't like or don't care about but being pissed when other people want to ban things you DO like, or rather, claim to like cuz you think they make you seem cool, like hookers and drugs. (cont.)
By levy
2. i criticize liberal AND conservative bans - i'm a libertarian. i know it's a big word and all, but look it up, you subliterate moron. (cont.)
By levy
3. i said quite clearly: "what i did was equate items which can be bought and sold with items that can be bought and sold. it doesn't matter what those items are, except in your little liberal brain." if you can't figure out what that means, go ask a grown up if you can find one who'll talk to you, y'know, in between trying to be all "hard" and shit. (cont.)
By levy
4. you used to be entertaining, but lately you just get more shrill and pathetic with every post. you can practically smell the flop sweat bursting out of your pores as you try so desperately to be cool, the fear of failure driving you to hysterical name calling as you realize you're going under. you make me sad.
By antichrist
1. I didn't want to ban anything, except kaiserD and his toady.

2. You criticize both sides? Please.

3. I'm just objecting to you equating food with chemically modified food-stuff, and you keep doing it, saying you're not. It makes you look stupid.

4. You sure do harp on points in an unfunny, inaccurate, and long-winded way, without really saying anything. So who isn't entertaining?

By kaiserD
antichrist needs to start his own blog, then he can ban me, my Toad, and everyone else on this pathetic site! he'll make the posts, and then follow it up with dozens of comments that support him. thus, making him the victor!
By antichrist
You have been sucking up and kissing butt at this site for so long, it would be sad to see you give up before getting the respect you are due. This site is not pathetic, kaiserD, just you and its other readers. Keep trying and i will let you know when you start getting better.
By lizard boy
I started out years ago as a just a bootlicker and worked my way up to toady. If I work hard and am really good, maybe one day I can become a minion. A guy can dream, can't he?
By levy
lizard boy, you're officially a minion!

making dreams come true is my job. next: get antichrist laid! though i'll admit, some dreams are tougher than others!
By myra b.
i will have sex with antichrist! I have almost completed my final hormone treatments, and i need to practice on something small.
By kaiserD
well, you're going to have to deal with the fact that he pretty much does everything with his mom's dildo up his ass. and, more than likely, at some point he's going to introduce her french bulldog to the party as well.

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