12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the washington post

I am Jack's bacterial gastroenteritis

By Texas Jack
Unfortunately I spent 3 weeks in NJ once (it was in some godawful demilitarized zone called Trenton) -- I don't think I'm responsible for this, but I guess it's possible.
By Borris
I spent 3 weeks in Taco Bell. They said it was safer to contain us. The floor manager really came into his own and cleaned up all the mess. I hope he got promoted.
By Hootie -Blowfish
The Explosive Diarrhea Experience could be on the midway at the Paris Hilton Theme Park
By kaiserD
nope. they're playing at Bonnaroo next year.
By Rhodium Heart
Stoopid morons got what they deserved, eating at Taco Bell.

The upscale, discriminating gourmand consumer of cheap Mexican-ish-themed fast food eats Del Taco.
By Nilbog
Some folks got sick at an Outback Steakhouse near me a few years back. Everyone calls it the Outbreak Steakhouse now. Looks like Montezuma and his Revenge musta slipped past Border Patrol and the Minutemen.
By corpse
loved the fight club reference jack
By Laconic
And my wife wonders why I don't eat vegetables.

RH, I don't know where you live, but you haven't experienced Del Taco until you've eaten at the DT on Hwy 15 in Barstow, CA. Heaping great portions, and the staff all speak English. And the wicker basket full of sauce packets on every table is a nice bonus.
By Ed Coli
Hey, you antibacteriests! What's wrong with a little explosive diarrhea? People pay for laxitives, you know.

Remember, that which cleans you out, sets you free.

By Political Correct
the last outbreak was due to wild pigs going through the field, there would have to be hundreds, this time some other excuse, how about no sanitation for the migrant workers. Last news release they showed a trailer behind the workers with two porta potties, sure sure, photo setup.
By Nilbog
I had amoebic dysentery once. I could chug a whole bottle of orange soda while sitting on the toilet, wait less than 1 minute and spray the still carbonated soda out of my ass. It was awesome!

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