12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the washington post


By Texas Jack
Sounds like Keith Ellison got the reaction he was hoping for...

I wonder if he knew those guys who got tossed off the plane...
By Texas Jack
Additionally, what the heck were the voters in Minnesota THINKING??? Perhaps a little remedial education is in order. Listen up my misguided lake dwellers. First, look eastwards to that big, festering sandpile we refer to as the Middle East. If that doesn't get your attention, open a history book or two and find out a little something about Islam and its creator. Pay staunch attention to what happ...
By Texas Jack
end to the most densely Christian region of the Old world (no, not Europe. HINT: I just asked you to look at it above).

Then walk down to the first mosque you can find and ask the first Muslim you run across:

a) if it matters to him what country he was born in; and

b) since it doesn't, which country does he consider to be his true home; and,

c) where does his national allegiance lie?
By Texas Jack
I'll eat my boots if he doesn't answer:


Palestine; and,


You see, it's hard for us to grasp the concept of statelessness. Not so for those who embrace the tribal mentality - it has been their way of life for millenia. This is why we can't win the war on terror. We simply do not understand them.

And we damn sure don't need any of them running a democracy.
By Edwin
texas jack likes to use lots of words. i don't. i say fuck them and fuck theo. holler at your boy!
By Jeff Woehrle
TJ really hit the nail on the head, though. "Tribal mentality." Bingo!

Here's to rounding up the tribe and dropping a MOAB.
By Jim Treacher
Barney Frank: The latest issue of Honcho
By Sparky
TJ, damn straight Keith Ellison knew the flying imams. In fact, the reason they were in Minneapolis was to attend a conference with Ellison. There is little doubt that this whole stunt was planned (probably at that conference) to create sympathy for their cause, knowing full well that the mainstream media would cooperate by skewing the story their way.
By Texas Jackasshole
wow the posters here are dumber than free republic. Yea, Ellison is a muslim, which automatically means he is evil and an enemy to the wal mart shopping fat masses of Oklahoma. because every muslim hates everything the west stands for, even the ones who are, gasp, american citizens. I guess you kids are still sulking about losing the elections aren;t you?

You, sir, are true to your name. You and your ilk's insistence that we fight a 'friendly' war will doubtless cause us to lose that war. Maybe all those bug eyed, death chanting Muslims just need a hug, right?

By Jeff Woehrle
Above post by me.
By G. Hod
Texas JAH, in an Internet world rife with petty insults and straw man arguments, your post is a breath of fresh air. No stereotyping or name-calling for you, you treat everybody as a clean slate. I salute you for your respectful, objective and sensitive language.
By Jimmy B
Freedom of religion means nothing in here?
By Texas Jack
Ouch, that hurt. No, really - it did.

What amazes me is that these feel-good PC nitwits haven't realized they will be the first to fall victim to the very threat they seem intent on ignoring. History really does repeat itself (see Europe, 1936).
By G. Hod
Jimmy B., I actually have no problem with Ellison using a Koran for his swearing-in. But I do have a problem with CAIR wanting Prager kicked off the Holocaust Museum council because he criticized Ellison's decision. There are two parts to the First Amendment, you may remember: freedom of religion AND freedom of speech. CAIR wants one but not the other -- when it doesn't suit them.
By Nilbog

Thanks for reminding me what an honor it was to live in Texas - the greatest nation in America. Whaddaya think? Romo (peace be upon him) and the 'boys gonna win the big one this year?
By Rhodium Heart
I think CAIR is insensitive and bigoted toward my culture and faith and therefore should be banned from being quoted in America's newspapers. Holla!

Oh, and Joe Biden: the Autobiography of Neil Kinnock

Mel Martinez: a jellyfish

James Webb: that's between him and his boy
By ClydeS
If Ellison doesn't hold the Bible as sacred, an oath sworn on it would mean nothing to him. Of course, that might be true of the Koran as well. "Taqqiya" ain't a Mexican food...
By antichrist
If bush appointed the guy, then you know he's gotta be inappropriate. That is bush's trademark.
By Sparky
Rhodium: Is this the same Webb who wrote about a father showing his love for his boy by putting his son's penis in his mouth? Webb gets awfully defensive about that book he wrote. Now I understand why he got pissed at Bush for bringing it up.
We just need to take all the islams and all the lib pussies and get them out of here.

Here is for a trditional AMERICA!
By Harold Sailor
Rather stunned that americans have actually progressed to the stage of being able to discuss these matters. Doesn't your god-fearing shithole of a country normally just lynch those without a cross, a bible and some bigotry?

Regards, Harold
By daylate
Harold, you've been reading the GUARDIAN and listening to NPR much too long. Remove those earphones and begin thinking for yourself. Never confuse the cross with the crescent--the former is designed to cut both ways, the angle is of little consequence -- only the results. The cross symbolizes a "willing" sacrifice, not "sacrifices" to conversion based on the "correct" choice of the infidel.
By Texas Jack
Here's to hoping Romo can pull it off. America's team deserves to win big. They've been absent long enough.

I say, Harold, from what enlightened country do you hail? Let's have a look at its track record...
By kaiserD
Dallas doesn't deserve to win just cuz it's been a little over a decade since they've won it all- if that was a reason they'd have to stand in line behind NO, NYJ, NYG and about two dozen other teams... look for Jay Cutler to struggle a bit more this weekend but then proceed to light it up the final 3 games of the regular season as the Broncos make an amazing final push towards the playoffs, AFC d...
By kaiserD
ominance, and finally NFL preeminence as they win their 3rd Superbowl in a decade. I can't wait.

Harold the Sailor needs a goofy cartoon version of America to bash (with all the usual retarded cliches) in order to feel better about himself and the country he's from. obviously great britain. which wouldn't even exist right now if it wasn't for the US. which is incredibly ironic.
By Texas Jack
Denver still has a team?

By kaiserD
hey, TJ, ignore and/or underestimate the Donkeys all you want, but it's going to be hard to do when they're hoisting the Lombardi trophy in january!

do you ever watch king of the hill? what do you think of it? everytime i hear about the cowboys i think of hank hill, bobby, and tom landry middle school...

By Texas Jack
We'll just see about that...

King of the Hill is not nearly as good as Family Guy, or even the Flintstones (although beer improves the quality immensely). However, Boomhower has a rather esoteric quality... and you've just got to hand it to John Redcorn.
By kaiserD
really? i don't know what it is, most of my friends love the family guy, most people that share my sense of humor love it, but...i just don't. it seemed contrived to me, right from the getgo. whereas KotH is completely unique...i think there's a lot more esoteric qualities to it than just boomhauer.
By daylate
Re: Nihad Awad, CAIR's executive director, and his "epistle" to Fred Zeidman saying" "No one who holds such bigoted and blah...blah...blah...." My response: ROFLMAO at the stupid audacity of this group. They need to free their minds, untantgle their collective assholes, and unveil their women.

This man is no fool; he knows the powerful "symbolism" of the Quran to certain others.

By kaiserD
what does that have to do with King of the Hill?
By daylate
This world is fast becoming the pilot for a sit-com that makes little or no sense. "KING OF THE HILL" doesn't amount (pun intended) to a hill of ant shit. I could not care less about a cartoon gel or computer image w/laugh/sound tracks. I can get that anywhere. Now some of you can sit back and enter cute little comments and cut up one another -- easy.

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