12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Jeff Woehrle
The left's enduring facination with all things UN is truly a sight to behold. Unless, of course, you happen to be talking about its wanton corruption, feckless ineptitude or its cheesy way of ducking out of parking tickets. THAT they won't talk about.

Wait until Bolton's out of the building, then nuke 'em.
By Nilbog
Can anyone make a coherent argument why Bolton's place should be filled with anyone? Silence is the best show of contempt. Let the president-for-life debate club continue to play in their sand box and don't renew our membership or show up for meetings anymore. How about a United Freedom Club in its place.
By ClydeS
Our next U.N. ambassador should be someone who would give the institution the exact amount of seriousness and respect it deserves. Michael Vick's double one-finger salute would be the best way to tell the U.N. exactly how highly we esteem them.
By ClydeS
Or how about this: U.N. ambasssador Hillary Clinton! It would keep her busy and out of mischief, and after a few minutes of that horrible voice, the other leaders will do what we want them to do, just to shut her up!
By sven
Once the word "dialogue" appears as a verb--as in, "We need to dialogue more on this issue"--you have officially entered the vapid liberal zone. Expect nothing to be done but verbal jerking off. And the U.N. is a monument to "dialoguing."
By Nilbog

I am considering your Hillary proposal. The standing ovations she would receive daily that would headline every non-Fox news broadcast as she denounced all things American would be troubling, but the electoraly fatal descrption of her as "loved by the french" might be worth the trouble in order to keep her and her walking id of a "partner" from further sullying the White House.
By Texas Jack
The UN is a joke. It is less effective than its predecessor and gives every appearance of being on the verge of collapse. There will never be one world government until after the aliens attack (adjusts his tinfoil hat).
Where can I get that Walrus?
By Jeff Woehrle

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