12:26pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Edwin
hey guts. even though everything she said is true, rip that bitch a new one for me, ok? cuz i might suck but i don't need some pasty princess to tell me i suck.
By wlh
giv'er hell gut
By Sigmond
Keep your fingers crossed, Mr. Gutfeld, and hope to God that another whale doesn't go berserk somewhere. We're counting on you, patches.
By Jim Treacher
She thinks "Apple" is a good name for a human being.
By Theo
Yea sure, Gut is quite the authority isn't he? Kind of like when Faux News has on Michelle Malanagainag to talk about terrorists, because since she hates them thar muzlims, that makes her an expert. Love that Faux News. They know how dumb their audience is, and they don't hold back anything. I'm sure Christmas will be canceled because of Gwenyths's remarks.
By antichrist
Americans may be stupid, but they sure know how to kick butt. Consider iraq's butt kicked, but in a stupid way.
By noam chomsky
faux news! See how he did that with the name! it's like implying it's fake!!! Well done theo!
By sven
Theo, the fuck are you talking about?
By levy
theo, when you leave a comment talking about how dumb other people are, it behooves you to spell 'gwyneth' correctly.

just sayin'.
By Sigmond
Uh oh..Paltrow now denies her comments and claims to be proud she is American. Plus, news reports are surfacing of a beached whale eating a Honda Civic in Santa Monica. Will God give poor Mr. Gutfeld a break, for chrissakes?
By Ayman
I am at the Wailing Wall, praying for Mr. Gutfeld to be bumped off Hannity and Colmes..
By Michelle Malanagainag
Damn, I heard on Flox News Christmas has been canceled. And I'd gotten Theo this really cool butt plug he'd been asking for.
butt plugs, antichrist's mom's dildo, i think it's about time we lay off these guys and their incessant cravings for hot man-on-man anal stimulation...

but what's so damn charming about the barneys, the ACs, the theos of this site is that they're under the impression that gg has his loyal readers are somehow "right wing" and/or christian fundamentalists...
their silly endeavors to erect strawmen here and somehow gain any sort of rhetorical/intellectual upperhand makes me laugh. and laugh!
By kaiserD
kaiserD was here. he's going by the mysterious and unique handle of "By". no, not really...
By I shouldn't Be Here
Congrats Greg, You embarrassed yourself on tv again, does anyone EVER laugh at your brand of "humor?" Why not try sticking to the topic and stop trying to be mean-spirited towards a child cause you don't like the name the parent gave it. Secondly, did you forget to mention during your rant about Huffington Post that you also have blogged for them before? You're a tool and an unfunny one.
By kaiserD
i laughed! and laughed.

dude- seriously, you shouldn't be here. you should be with cindy sheehan organizing a love-in with jesse jackson and hugo chavez...

and you know this!
By Edwin
hey theo. i love you. come kiss me.

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