12:28pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the thesun.co.uk

PALTROW SAYS BRITS ARE SMARTER (flower vase she was talking to heartily agreed)

The thing i hate most about celebs: yada yada yada

Is this the 2,014th thing you hate most about celebs? As far as I can tell, you hate everything about celebs. Which is kind of twisted seeing that you're a failed wannabee celeb yourself... At least you're a celeb with your right-wing arse-licking fans.

Put it simply, YOU HATE CELEBS!! You hate people who are better than you, more popular th...
By Kev (le Brit)
Indeed. Which is why I am happy to ship them all back to you using 'Borat Air' with a note firmly pinned to their breasts as they arrive back on US soil "traitor- beat me quickly with a rod containing rusty nails" I will gladly swap all the aforementioned for 1 playboy girl and a New York Giants shirt. Could be mileage is transatlantic human-trafficking.

an you (deservedly or not), prettier than you, more intelligent than you, richer than you, happier than you, not you...

You simply HATE ! Everything, everyone, the whole world. You're a loser, a wimp, a failure, a cuss, a self-flaggelator, an anl-retentive porn-addict.

Suks to be U!
By Kev (le Brit)
Surely an anonymous accusation of 'wimpery' is somewhat 'pot - kettle - black' ... me thinks. Did you get sexually abused as a child?
By Nilbog
I qualify as a bona fide anglophile. I was raised on Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, etc. and own completed DVD copies of Black Adder, Black Books, Father Ted and The (original) Office. But I've spent enough time with actual Brits (not just Hugh Grant) to recognize that the lowest U.S. trailer trash is social register material alongside the average Brit.
By gg
"You're a loser, a wimp, a failure, a cuss, a self-flaggelator, an anl-retentive porn-addict."

i take offense to that. I am not a porn addict.

By Nilbog
In addition, I've been to a NASCAR event and the 24 Hours of LeMans (held in france with 90% Brit spectators.) The NASCAR redneck yokels behaved themselves like they were attending mass at the Vatican compared to the rowdiness, crudity and boorishness of the Brit fans (not that I'm necessarily against any of those things.)
By Nik (le American)
It's not like Kev (le Brit) is any less anonymous d'ya think? Methinks Gwenyth Paltrow thinks you a wimp.
By Nilbog
The average "dinner talk" of the Brits was about shagging, commiting petty crimes and vomiting (when they weren't actually vomiting themselves.) If Paltrow finds these signs of a higher intelligence, I'm sure even the flower pot agrees it says much more about her than it does Americans or Brits.
By Kev
Nik. You can have my address if you want and come round with some corn bread, webcam and lube. I dont need anonymity sweetie pie xx

PS Paltrow loves it!
By Nik (le American)
and "gg" must seem even wimpier to Gwynn. Sad indictment you can't stand up even to a lass.
By Kev
So educated, witty, well thought out indulgence for the violent and debauches` arts is a problem? maybe NASCAR should loosen up a little, it wasnt all continental cheek kissing last time i went to a stock car race. Your clearly French really or why else would you know so much about Le Mans audience demographics

By Nik (le American)
Kev. I doubt Paltrow loves anything in the realms of your unattainable fantasies. Nice thought (for you) though, however wishful.
By Kev
Nik. Point taken, But! I happen to find her utterly 'minging' and Im still hoping someone will take me up on my swapping idea. I have her taped ready to go. Do you happen to have a Playboy girl handy?

PS Paltrow would find me attractive.
By Nilbog
NASCAR fans have plenty of fun. They just manage to do it without exposing themselves and throwing up on each other. As an American, I enjoyed myself at LeMans. Any Brit > any Frenchman. I'm actually honored to have become, at LeMans, one of the few persons ever to be mooned from the window of a passing pre-war Bentley. Not my idea of a superior civilization, but entertaining nonetheless.
By Nik (le American)
I find Gwynn attractive. I'm surprised you do too.

I've no idea if she'd find me attractive.

I've never thought of it.

I couldn't care less than Britney's knickers about it.

I certainly wouldn't rake my anus raw fantasizing on it.

That's the difference between you and much of the rest of humanity.
By cord
Nik -

clearly you are a fat out-of-work teacher forced to work nights to pay for your cakes and biscuits. Also: How's your flower poetry coming along?

And it's no surprise you find Gynn attractive. Obsessed with anus's, you should.
By Nilbog
Kev. I'm sure we can find you a Playgirl boy in exchange for dropping her in the middle of the Atlantic.

Did you really honestly go to school? I said I don`t find her attractive, although I actually said I find her 'minging' nor did I ask you if you found her attractive. I feel like im going mad - are you on drugs? Let me guess its about that time of day when the hick crack dealer comes and knocks on the trailer door! Rake my anus raw, now there`s an interesting thought. Ill put this down to body...
By Kev
splendid ill arrange the C130 for Wednesday afternoon. Lets drop her 1500miles in. Ill leave the Playboy girl arrangements for you to sort.
"Mingling", "attractive"...mere semantics. methinks she gives you a boner just mentioning her name. And how does "feeling like you're going mad" actually feel for a certified schizophrenic celebrity stalker?

Obviously, this obsession of yours with the dame is a case of thorougly sour grapes.
By ClydeS
Love how Ms. Paltrow tells us that folks in England are more intelligent and less materialistic than Americans, and then she tells us her bestest buddy over in Blighty is MADONNA! The ORIGINAL Material Girl! Although at least Madonna had the good sense to show her goodies off in a book and make money off of it, unlike the Slut Pack.
By Nik (le American)
Poor man. Gwyneth is clearly unattainable to him. As is every actress and model his sick fantasies are driven to desire. I've seen him resort to this kind of low-frequency masturbatory attacks on celebrity women time and again.

By Kev
Minging. Not Mingling.

Minging is a word that has it's origins with the British Army, It started to become mainstream around five years ago.

With regards to the word's meaning it is most correctly applied to an object that is dirty but can also mean drunk, disgusting or ugly.

IE Paltrow and your mother. Not semantics.But! Your right i am mad.
By chafee
i love it when angry cretins like nik come on here and rag on people bitterly. and then they accuse you of obsession! you friend, are pathetic. go back to Us weekly, and i promise we wont make fun of jennifer anniston or anyone other woman you think might actually talk to you.
By Nik's feeble brain
I am not obsessed with gynethh paltrow. i just think you're being mean to her. and that's wrong!

(sometimes i think she might actually read this and contact me and personally thank me!!)
By Nik (le American)
Nobody really cares how much military slang you know. If you posted a full size picture of your penis with Gwynneth tattooed on it we'd all get the same message. What a mingling, drooling, pathetic little man you are.
By Nik (le American)
Rather that, than posting misogynistic drivel in the hope of impressing that two-dime strip girl at your local in the hopes of getting a discount-rate lay.
By clive owen
hah! apparently touched a nerve there with nik - oh poor nik. perhaps you should get back to work in the mailroom. mysoginistic? the last bastion of a man without an argument!

by the way, this is clive owen. i had the pleasure of working with ms. paltrow. Terrible hygeine.

By Nik (le American)
Trust your one-bit hydra brain to jump at the word. Hope you managed to keep the semen off your keyboard.

It is a word.

It has a meaning.

And no, it doesn't mean "an altar boy's anus"
By Nik (le American)
Enjoy the rest of your sober day.

If you don't spend it trawling the internets for pictures of Britneys shaved crotch, you won't discover that she hasn't left home without her knickers recently.

But knowing you...

Nick Bowen
By Jim Treacher
She named her baby "Apple."
By Jeff Woehrle
This pasty chick makes me sicketh.

Stay there, you smelly whore.

(I raised my pinkie when typing that to demonstrate my level of class...)
By daylate
They may be "more" intelligent, but they sure can't cook worth a damn.
By Le Frog
Sweet Gwyneth is right but the French are much smarter then all you cock suckers hahahahahahaha

Long Live Zidane
By le yank
true, the french were smart by retreating and letting everyone fight their battles. They were also smart in embracing both Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rourke. And they were extra smart in letting thousands of their citizens die in a heat wave when all their doctors went on holiday!
By Le Frog
Letting the old die is the French way we all go on holiday hoping when we get back our burdens will have all died. When I returned from Holiday in Nice last year nothing made me happier then seeing my father keeled over dead from the heat.

Long live Henry
By Ape
I have seen the Oasis concert videos if there smarter its not by much.
By chimp
i second Ape.
By Hootie -Blowfish
England Pros: 1) Gwyn is over there, not over here irritating us in person

2) Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (that show is hilarious)

England Cons: 1) Having to beg soccer fans not to scream racist chants at the players

2) Ignoring the anti-perspirant revolution

3) Stoning dentists for their evil magic
By Stefan
More people in the US believe in the Virgin Birth than they do evolution, so I'd say Gwenyth was on target. Americans really are the dumbest people in the so called civilized world.
By Jim Treacher
"More people in the US believe in the Virgin Birth than they do evolution"

What's that from, The Big Book of Shit I Just Made Up?
By Rhodium Heart
And we're supposed to care what Gwyenneth Paltrow and her Size 7 IQ thinks about anything? The chick hasn't been in a remotely interesting movie since "Sliding Doors," which was, like 800 million years ago in Hollywood Time. She makes the Dixie Chicks look like the Cal Tech partical physics faculty, relatively-speaking, intellectually.
By levy
i think the whole lot of you are culturalist pigs. lumping everyone together like that just cuz of where they live. shame on all of you. can't we all just get along? one world. peace in our time. a new beginning. a new hope. return of the jedi.
By dR
Greg Gutless is a true idiot. And one lucky SOB. What other juvenile, ridiculously uninteresting, whiner could have come so far if Americans were as smart as he claims. Miss Paltrow's alleged statement was correct.

Only a nation of numbskulls could elevate someone like Greg Gutfeld - a waste of perfectly good cyber-space.
By Seldon Michaels
Hey Greg - I just saw you on Fox and have never heard of you before tonight. I just checked out Huffpo and The Gut, etc., all your stuff. I think we have a lot in common. I want to HELP you, though. You had a spot on FOX and didn't handle it so well because of your previous "bad night" which I read about. I was just blurting out to my family this weekend about how celebrities shouldn't be all...
By Seldon Michaels
Celebrities shouldn't be allowed to just blurt out their opinions on TV. They are actors, models, singers. Just do that, your celebrity thing, spend your money, give to charities, and shut up. I think you're cool and would love to meet you (I'm 48 and always looking for a rendezvous). horseflies@fastmail.fm Next time, take a quick nap before hand. You are getting attention and I want you to b...
By Seldon Michaels
I want you to be taken seriously. I will keep reading your stuff!
By Me
Can I just say that you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. For all of the low-lives who really care about news like this, get over it! My husband is fighting in this war and I guarantee that he could care less about this and neither could I. Mrs. Paltrow is not running for office or anything that is not going to get him home earlier. I love how you people try to make everyth...
By Me
ing stupid, political. It is not! Until you have a love one over there, trust me, you could care less about this stupidity.
By Jeff Woehrle
Actually, that would be COULDN'T care less...
By kaiserD
yep, and it should be "low-lifes". jeez, you're stupid!

dR, get yr goddamned finger outta yr nose- it smells the same as it did 10 minutes ago!
By Me
I love things like this. Instead of you responding to the crust of what I had to say; you try to question my intelligence. So, if I had written this blog grammatically correct, would you then respond to what I said? Would you try to find something else that diverts your attention away from my posting? Call me stupid, but my husband is still where he is and fighting this war, and I am a full-ti...
By Me
me graduate student. I didn't know that I had to be grammatically correct. If that is the case, kaiserD, someone failed to teach you the use of capital letters, and punctuation. And, Jeff Woehrle, the word sicketh does not exist. Trust me, on your worst day, you are not smarter than me. But, stay at the issue at hand!
By kaiserD
By nelson
I'm interested in a relationship with her flower vase.

...they wash those, correct?
By Me
Now that we know that you can read. How about you go back to my first posting and read it! Then you will know what the "crust" of my argument was.
By kaiserD
i know how to read, obviously. what's not so obvious is your ability to write; ie convey your crusts to others by means of proper verbal skills. i'm not a mind-reader.

unless, all that your saying is that a joke or two about Gwyneth Paltrow is not going to bring your husband back. and, if that's the case, i'm going to go ahead and agree with you.
By kaiserD
"Trust me, on your worst day, you are not smarter than me."

how about on his best day? or his fair-to-middlin' days?
By Texas Jack
Did you mean Crux? I thought this was a thread about Gwen's commentary, not breadcrumbs. Having lived on both sides of the pond I can assure you that neither side has much of an advantage intellectually. Brits learn more European history in school; therefore, their conversation points will often contain classical references. This inexplicably mesmerizes some Yanks, making them feel inadequate.
By Jeff Woehrle

"Sicketh" is play on the name of the lovely actress of whom we type.

Guess this was just one of my worst days?
By Texas Jack
Don't play it down JW, I thought it was also a rather clever tie-in to Shakespeare in Love.
By Jeff Woehrle
Thanks, TJ.

Still trying to get over the whole "on your worst day..." thing. I really don't know how to respond to that.

Seems like this person would be riveted by a pinwheel.
By Texas Jack
She had me at 'crust'...

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