12:30pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Bosco
Great take. It would be better if when you go on Fox, you have a completely different and opposite take. Hear me out... With your meteoric rise timed similarly to Barak Obama's, this Kerryesque strategy would make you President in a moment.
By fd10801
I saw you on FOX -- you are the shizizzle!

I would allow people under 22 in a uniform of the Armed Forces can speak, too. Otherwise, I agree with you 100%

You are now on my Daily Reading List, right below MM's Hot Air.

Keep up the good work!
By Jeff Woehrle
I, for one, am pleased that we have all those khaki wearing morons in newsrooms deciding what is important for the rest of us. Kind of makes me feel all warm and secure. Wait, that's something else...
By daylate
No worse than that old country gospel song: "Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life."
By Cindy
It saddens me that there are parents somewhere in this picture that have lost ALL sense of dignity and respect. They are raising a group of the pettiest Americans in history.

By antichrist
I'm afraid i'm going to have to delare you an idiot on this one. Bong hits for jesus is no different from being christian or muslim. If i were a principle, i would tear that cross off someones neck, or grap that burka from that bitches head.

If muslims can kill americans for allah, and bush can kill americans for jesus, that kid can certainly hit the bong, or put up a sign about it.
By leo
get the facts of this incedent. did not at a school function. did not happen at or on school property. the kid did do something dumb. thats what teenagers do, thas their job. school authority,"schoolboard, adminstator" overstepped. this was an incident that should have been left for the parents to address.
By welton armes
when did bush kill americans for jesus? i missed that somewhere. your relativism is astounding. You're the type of person who, when seeing a man push a woman in front of a bus, and another man pushing her out of the way of the bus - you label them as men who push women around.
By welton armes
the kid did do something at a school sponsored event. and was punished. that should have been the end of the story. BUT NO. he sued. He's a pussy for suing. and you're a pussy for defending him. People are now getting accustomed to suing over crap like this - which is why everyone thinks they deserve something whenever they get their feelings hurt.
By kaiserD
i agree with welton, antichrist is a pussy.
By antichrist
i agree with welton, kaiserD is a pussy. welton likes to punish kids, with his pants down and his dick in his hand. he got sued for that. Perhaps you should go fuck you priest.
By kaiserD
oh, antichrist, we all know that i'm rubber and you're glue...
By Cindy
Antichrist is a big DUH. THE BONG PART IS ILLEGAL, you total moron. Being a muslim, or any other religion, is NOT. Wearing a cross is NOT. Damn, you vote????? That's frightening.
By Cindy
Oh and I almost forgot to add, antichrist, I'm sooooo scared and impressed by the powerful name you have. Like, wow, maaaaaan, you must be really unique and different and intense, maaaaaaaaaaan! LOL
By kaiserD
yeah, he's not really "with it", if you know what i mean. his silly "blasphemes" and name can only offend the most uptight fundie christians- who happen not to frequent this site. i guess he's just afraid to encounter his intended targets.
By Alan

I am disturbed by your comments on Fox regarding the Constitution. You said that you feel Freedom of Speech should be banned for all teenagers until they get a job or join the military. The very fact that you would criticize the most precious document that we Americans have as a people is a disgrace. Freedom of Speech is the most basic right that we as humans have, denying that of anyo...
By kaiserD
Alan, chill... you're being very "un-Dude-like". greg was joking. jeesh, you guys...

but, perhaps you need to finish your thought. it was abruptly cut-off- was that greg's doing? was he denying you your "most basic right"? gosh, i hope not. cuz maybe you have a point.
By Walter
Shut the fuck up KaiserD. Your out of your element. I didn't see my buddies die face down in the mud in 'Nam ....
By Laconic
This aggression will not stand.
By kaiserD
8-year olds, dude.
By Texas Jack
Nice marmot Θ
By kaiserD
it's actually an amphibious rodent.

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